The Poor Guy Can’t Get a Break!

Today in the paper, I saw where a 23 year-old man was arrested for the third time since January 20.

The first time was a DUI and felony child abuse. He was stopped at about 2 am, with an 8-month-old child in the back seat. It was bitter cold and he stood outside taking the drunk tests for half an hour before mentioning the child. I am wondering if the child abuse was having an 8 month-old out at 2 am, leaving her in a cold car for half an hour or driving drunk with a baby, or all three.

He obviously learned his lesson, because the next time he went drinking he left his daughter home. Alone. His girlfriend showed up to find the child by herself. Mom called the police. The dad came home with a story about just being outside (in single digit temps?), right before the police showed up. This time he was charged with intentional child abuse and ordered not to have contact with the child.

He obviously learned his lesson, because he was arrested this weekend for speeding and DUI, but not child abuse! He had to post a bond this time. They are not yet referring to the woman as the ex-girlfriend in the paper. I sure hope that is an oversight.

Understand that I am not making light of child abuse or drunk driving. Both are unacceptable, but this clown just amazed me. I hope they revoke his Daddy card.