Husband is gone on business to Minnesota of all places.  Who goes there in Feb??  I managed chores by myself.  Paul swung and cried in the house while Leo and I chored.  His little boots left the cutest tracks in the snow. Then the ladies joined us and we swung and played in the snow, (Paul had settled down).

I got creative for supper.  We had about 10 leftover breadsticks from Pizza Hut, so I made stuffed pork chops and used them for the stuffing!  My grandma would be proud, except for the eating at PH in the first place.  Now that the kids are in bed, I have a date with Sayid and a huge pile of laundry to fold.  I am thinking wine is in order, and I might just vacuum too.  I sure hope Paul settles down again so I can hear my show.  He’s been running at about half crank all afternoon, he needs to sleep.  I can bounce him on my lap, but that makes folding difficult.  I have decided we can either have a clean”ish” kitchen or folded clothes, but not both.

Tomorrow night I am going to a little town down the road to scrapbook with about 25 ladies.  I am really looking forward to it.  The ladies will stay at a friend’s house until I pick them up.  I plan to send their night “gallons”!