Well, as we all know our good friend the drunk driver/daddy has been arrested three times in two weeks. daddy-of-the-year Can he keep up this grueling pace? Apparently so! This time he learned his lesson, he went to the next county to do his drinking, and got arrested there instead. I am no lawyer, but why don’t they impound this clown’s car? He has court on Wednesday at 2. I wonder if I should get a sitter? I am friends with the reporters who are covering this case. Friday, one told me if he did it again, our town would probably make late night TV “dumb hick Nebraskans who drive drunk.” I guess tonight at 10:30 I will be watching…

I took Jane to the Dr today, to see if he had any insight as to why she puts everything in her mouth. He had some blood drawn, it looked like about ¼ cup. They are going to test for lead among other things. She flinched, but she never cried or anything. He said she doesn’t appear to have autism, but he did ask about ADD or ADHD in the family. I said, you mean besides her father? (this would be the undiagnosed/self medicated kind) Following is a list of things that she has had in her mouth over the course of a week. She doesn’t eat most of them, with the exception of the toothpaste and the erasers.  Also keep in mind that she is gonna be 4 Sunday.


Pencil erasers (we have none in the house, she ate them all)

Barbie hands and feet



Metal trim on Home Depot’s check out counter

Metal folding chair

Foam, including puzzle pieces and shoes


Tub toys


Clean toilet paper

Great Grandma’s antique pillow

Wooden table

Rocks from McDonald’s parking lot

Makeup brushes and blusher (I think she ate some of the makeup)

About two feet of a rubber strap mom used for rehabilitation when she broke her shoulder

And in the pickup last night, we watched her lick the bottom of her sister’s boot.

Today I heard her say, “Simon says lick the wall.” Sadly, her big sister did it.

Mom is coming later this afternoon.  She and my stepdad are on their way home from building casitas in Nuevo Progreso, MX.  They have done that for several years, and like to help alleviate a little of the poverty down there.  I am excited to see her.