My granddaughter’s mom was in town so we met her at Coldstone Creamery.  (Man that was good ice cream, but my first incident of eating sweets in a week – I got a small)  On the way there, Mae was asking how we were all related to Joy, since Husband keeps calling Paul “Uncle Paul”.  She said that since she and Jane were aunts and the boys were uncles, then they must be married to each other.  Then she said Husband must be Grandpa Daddy.  I love that, in fact I am gonna call him that here!  My stepson is still not really communicating with his family straight about anything.  How frustrating.  We are all a little surprised that the mother is still holding out for him.  We told her if she needed to get a lawyer to get child support out of him, we would chip in.  Sad huh?  Last night I asked God to slap him upside the head. 

Feb-11Joy is just as bald as her daddy was, and not much different from her Grandpa! Speaking of hair, GD has promised to shave off the beard in the next couple of weeks.  He grows one every winter. 

My niece, Ann is moving to town in a few weeks.  I helped her shop for apartments, she found a nice one.  Now we are excited to help her move a hide-a-bed couch up to the third floor.  I can’t help but think of Ross from Friends, “pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!”  Between GD and his brother, I am sure it will be fun to watch, we may even learn new words!  Ann has three lovely sisters, and she is lovely herself.  In fact, Marie of “Abdul and Marie, aka Ken and Barbie” is her sister.  They all blew through town in December on their way home for Christmas.  We met them for dinner at Applebee’s.  The ladies were in awe of Abdul, but couldn’t bring themselves to interact with them.  I think that kinda bummed him out.  He is better in theory than in practice.  We got some pictures, which will make him seem more familiar hopefully.  I am making a book of people wearing hats for Paul.  Leo’s is of people and animals.  I am hoping this helps them keep their huge family straight.  They might warm up more quickly to a face they have seen regularly in a book.  I met Ann and her sisters all in the same day, and it was quite a while before I could keep them all straight.  I know Ann the least of all of them, so it will be fun to get acquainted.

Jane will be four on Sunday.  Her little boyfriend will be five the same day, so we are having a cowboy / mermaid party.  I offered to have it at my house and volunteered the services of Prairie-Horse and GD.  We will put haybales in the garage to sit on, (I won’t have to clean up the garage too much that way whoohoo!).  We are expecting temps of 35.  I sure hope the wind doesn’t blow, I do have some extra snow pants for anyone who needs them.  I invited her whole class, maybe 8 kids, although I did invite a few siblings too.  I bet only half or less actually come.  I hope so anyways. 

Somebody keeps hinting that I need to balance the checkbook.  Maybe now would be a good time…maybe tomorrow, it would be fun to be in bed before 11:00.  It takes forever to upload photos on dialup.