I cleaned out the garage today. I can’t believe the number of boxes I have stashed. I last moved in 1998, and even then some guys showed up to pack our house in their own boxes (many of which I still have). I don’t mail stuff very often, but I find it hard to toss a perfectly good box. I guess now that we have a public recycling center I might feel better about getting rid of some.


This was in my living room for about four months (oh to have a basement). It was the coolest castle ever!  As you can see, we got a new water heater and  TV.  Also I “hostessed” my first and hopefully only “party.”

It is a family fetish, this box thing. My mom actually had a building in which to store her boxes. I was out of college before I thought this was a little strange, that we had a Box House. It was approximately the size of a privy, but without the special bench that makes it a privy, besides the privy was behind the house, this was behind the shop. It was located right beside our storm cellar. So I asked. The Box House was originally where my great grandparents kept the Delco generator. This was how they got electricity before they were on the grid. What a relief, the box obsession does not go back three generations! Both of my grandmothers and both of my parents are hoarders, it runs in my blood.

In other news, I took Jane to the Dr Monday.  They drew maybe 12 ml of blood from her arm, or in her words, “they sucked all the blood out of my arm!”  She sat on my lap, flinched once then watched as the syringe filled.  How brave!  Got a call from the Dr today, they sent the sample to another larger hospital which promptly lost it.  Now we have to go back.  We actually live closer to the larger hospital, and go to the smaller one because we feel the quality of care is much higher, and this recent experience hasn’t changed my mind.

I went grocery shopping with the whole crew today.  I took the ladies to the bathroom, and then was trying to leave the bathroom area while keeping one eye on them as they horsed around by the water fountain.  I moved the cart to the right suddenly and at that same time Leo stood up in the cart and leaned to the left to see if he could reach the ball display and whoops!  He landed on his head.  Poor little guy, he has a huge goose egg right in the middle of his forehead.  I don’t like to have him in the cart, but at 18 mos, he just can’t keep up.  After getting ice from the deli lady, (along with corned beef, doesn’t a Ruben sound good?) I lost my list.  I just winged it and made sure to get Coke and milk, the two true necessities along with a few other things, which unfortunately did not include rye bread or sauerkraut.  That gives me something to do tomorrow. 

The oven beeped again.  I am trying to bake a cake in a Pyrex 2 qt measuring cup so I can make a princess cake for my princess.  It is taking a long time to bake, but it is finally done.  My neighbor will be coming over tomorrow to help me frost it.  Fortunately, my kids don’t expect perfection.  I bought a one dollar doll at the grocery.  I plan to cut her off at the waist and poke the top into the cake.  We shall see.  They didn’t have any red-heads, like Ariel, so we will just have to go with the purple and turquoise color scheme.  I refuse to buy them another Barbie until they get older.  I am praying that we don’t get any Bratz stuff for her birthday.  Would it be tacky to request no Bratz in the invitation?  I didn’t have time to ask Miss Manners.  Well, I think I will turn the cake out of the pan and go to bed.