Jane got all four of her candles blown out today! She shares a birthday with a young man she calls The Cowboy, so we mothers decided to celebrate together. The Cowboy wanted a cowboy themed party, and Jane wanted a mermaid party, so we did it. Since we have the horse, I cleaned out the garage and set up some hay bales with blankets over them for seats. I had one of my wonderful neighbors come over to help frost the cake, and I am quite proud of it, although I don’t think I will be going into business any time soon. She did the white stuff, and I did the decorations. We bought a $1 doll at the grocery and cut off her legs. I used two and a half cake mixes.

Jane's cake

We invited all nine of Jane’s class mates, in the hopes that half could come. Only four RSVPed, so that worked out well. I didn’t include directions to our house, so they would have to call if they were coming! I guess that makes twelve birthday aged kids, Leo, two babies and two older siblings. I would not have been able to do it in my house, but the garage worked well. (We have a special kind of mud out here which makes permanent stains.) Even though the wind was bitter cold, the weather has been warm enough to melt the snow the past few days. In fact, the kids made a mud pie on the sidewalk yesterday, then came in complaining of freezing to death. It is February you know.

Unfortunately, it was too cold to ride Prairie-horse, so we went out to look at a baby calf instead. The poor thing got the petting of a lifetime.

Calf John Deere

I don’t do well with organized games and such, so the kids kind of played on our big wheels and trikes and the red and yellow car. They had a blast. I got out the face paints and most everyone went home with something or another. Oh to be four again…