Taco news

This week we went to Taco John’s for taco Tuesday. They were packed. I sent the kids over to the only remaining booth and went to stand in line. Sitting next to the booth was a older gentleman. Leo climbed right up in the chair opposite the man. I brought the food over and asked Leo to sit with me. The gentleman said it was ok, he could sit at his table, then he proceeded to feed him! Usually, I let him make a mess and feed himself.

I learned that the man’s wife had breast cancer, and was recovering in a nursing home. The treatments had taken a toll on her, and she was having some problems communicating. He was delighted to join our lunch, and we enjoyed him as well.

We live just far enough from town, that it is always iffy about eating out. The ladies get out of preschool at 11:15. If I am done with my errands, I can make it home in time to get “peanut butter and sandwiches” on the table by noon. If I choose other food, Leo climbs up my leg wanting to eat and EAT NOW! If we eat in town, Jane falls asleep before we get home and then she won’t take a nap. Actually she would rather not take a nap ever.

When we eat out, which isn’t often, I usually get one drink, and we share fries (or I don’t get any). My children are naïve to the joys of a happy meal. We can eat out for between $5 and $8. I am sure this will not last long with four kids.

Calf news

It is bitter cold here. GD asked me to make sure the mama to the calf in the birthday picture let him eat during the middle of the day. Her bio-calf died, and this one is a refugee we got from a guy who has a dairy. She is a little reluctant to claim him. This is her first calf, and she is a little confused and overwhelmed by the experience. He told me to bluff and act tough and she would stand there and let him suck. Sure enough, she believed me when I hollered at her and showed her how big and mean I was. If she was a year older, she would have been blowing snot down my pants as I climbed over the gate! But tonight GD got tired of messing with her and put hobbles on her back feet. She has to hop to get around, but she can’t kick. She will make nice with the baby in a couple of days and get her feet back.

The heifer I have been watching for the last 10 days finally had her calf, a little bull. GD is a little disgusted with this whole scenario. He planned to breed the heifers to a Longhorn bull, so he could be a little lazy and leave them mostly alone to calve. Longhorns are famous for weighing 50-70 lbs and being scrappy enough to get up immediately and suck. The neighbor’s bull, a Charolais, got in the heifers three weeks early last spring and bred most of them, so we are getting 70-90 lb calves who are a little on the dumb side, and also are likely to need help getting out. They are also coming three weeks earlier than we had planned, and in colder weather too.  That is why the first calf died.  We just weren’t expecting any yet, and GD was in Minnesota. Because Longhorns aren’t famous for their beef production, next year these heifers will get an Angus bull or something along those lines. We aren’t in the Longhorn business, but frankly, there is nothing cuter than a Longhorn baby calf, nothing, not even puppies and kittens. If we actually get one, I will take a photo.