Minivan versus Export

I drive a minivan. Yuck. You kinda have to do that when you have your third kid. At least I did because I couldn’t get three car seats in a Ford Escort (affectionately called the Export). It was either that or a Mercury Marquis (cop car). Now we have the challenge of fitting four car seats in our vehicles.

We have a pickup with suicide doors and a bench back seat which will hold three kids, all within hitting distance of each other. I have never been a fan of bucket seats in pickups, which turns out to be a good thing as we now need that center space for a car seat. I’m glad you can turn off the passenger air bag in a pickup.

My husband has not yet received the memo that he drives a minivan, and he drives like he is in something else, much sportier. It is kind of embarrassing to ride with him while he races people off the line at stoplights and spins cookies in icy parking lots. He actually does not do this in a reckless manner, just the kind of thing that is safe, and makes the kids squeal with laughter, and me slide down in the seat.


16 mpg

Nobody can reach a sibling

Can haul the kids’ wagon in the luggage area easily

Blends well in grocery store parking lot, unless it has pink sidewalk chalk on the tires

Built in DVD player


35 mpg

Driver can reach blankie anywhere in vehicle while keeping eyes on the road

Small enough that you can’t haul too much extra crap

Doesn’t look like every third car in the parking lot

Tape deck for good old music unavailable on CD

We saw an older limo for sale in the newspaper a month ago, and I even called on it. This was shortly after a trip to Valentine for Husband to work an auction. That would be about four hours one way. Imagine being able to roll up the window between you and the Disney movie airing in the back seat on long trips…or the squabbling. A built in fridge would be nice to keep the sippy of milk at a healthy temp. A wet bar for, well, you know. It would be easy to spot in the grocery store parking lot. I think they market limos to the wrong demographic.