Weird.  I have Jane’s Santa gift, an aquarium, right here by the computer, and I’ll be darned if there isn’t a baby fish in it!  The two fish I have aren’t even the same species, so one of them musta been knocked up when she got here.  I hope the little guy doesn’t become somebody’s lunch.  Since he isn’t a trout or a walleye, he is safe from me.  He is a little bigger than an eyelash and is pretty much all eye.  He stays close to the lilypads, smart little guy. 

******EDIT******Saturday afternoon********

No, there are two little fishies!  I really don’t wanna go into the fish breeding business with my five gallon tank.  Seriously, how did they get here?  I am sure my two adult fish can’t reproduce with each other!  What is the gestation period of a fish (or whatever they call it)?  How did the eggs get in the tank in the first place?  Wikipedia kinda let me down on this one.  What animal was it that could reproduce by itself, a lizard of some sort?

Right after Christmas I found a huge amount of mold in a little used closet, on the wall.  Grandpa Daddy was not overly concerned.  Then I found some in the garage wall, and last night I found some on a shoe in our clothes closet.  Then of course in the paper today was an article about mold.  I called the contractor they interviewed and he is coming out Monday to give us an estimate.  Even knowing why would make me feel better.  Monday looks to be expensive, as I have an appointment with the Ford guy to see why our van makes a horrible sound when stopping.  GD says rocks in the brakes, but he is too busy to do anything about it. 

This is a good time of the year for us.  We got invited to the county Ag society dinner Weds night and then a breeder’s appreciation dinner last night.  We had smoked pork loin and a local specialty called Dresbach’s potatoes the first night.  It was exceptional.  Last night was a flatiron steak, and very good as well, but not as good as the pork.  I like anything I don’t have to cook!  Tonight I made some shrimp thing, some Rachel Ray pasta thing and tapioca.  Everything was pretty mediocre, except the tapioca, which was quite good.

Tomorrow I will put in the Looney Tunes DVD from Netflix.  Cartoons have gone so far down hill.  Now, what isn’t funnier than watching a coyote drop an anvil on a roadrunner?  Networks don’t even really run cartoons on Saturdays anymore.  I am gonna have to buy some Looney Tunes DVDs so I can give Netflix theirs back!

Five things that make me feel good.

a clean car

fresh sheets and shaved legs

watching a baby calf get up for the first time

when a little baby curls up and snuggles with you

the scent of a horse

Five things that gross me out.


dealing with raw chicken

nasty dish cloths

the Skoalcicles in my husband’s pickup in the winter

I am tired, maybe just four things gross me out.