Today I dropped Leo off at the sitter, because I knew I would be waiting at the Ford place for quite a while, and didn’t want to do it with a one-and-a-half-year-old boy.  The ladies behaved themselves quite well.  We also had to run to the Dr to get another blood draw.  They said Jane’s was the fourth sample the big hospital had lost in a month.  I told them to send a note along that they didn’t want to draw again from a four-year-old, so don’t loose the sample this time!  She was still brave, but she cried this time.  I felt so bad.  The Ford guy said he would find me a Windstar to take to the Dr while we were waiting.  I asked for something more sporty…they declined to give me the Mustang convertible (it was snowing), but I did get a four door Pontiac.  It worked for me!  Jane thought we were going to keep the car, and informed me that she loved our van.  Let’s face it, the girl has horrible taste.

I got home just in time to give a contractor a tour of the mold in our house.  He said we need to do something about it.  He also showed me other places that were wet and not yet moldy.  Sounds expensive.  Grandpa Daddy is diametrically opposed to paying someone to do what he could, but he gave me a grudging go-ahead.  He has been really busy between his day job and getting cornstalks fenced so he can move the cattle closer to home for calving and then watching our heifers.  We had another calf today, still no Longhorns.  It is so cold, and the mama is naive, so he got the ends of his little ears frozen.  She was sitting down wind of the calf, instead of protecting him.  GD also managed to put his thumb on the wrong end of a quickly moving cow foot, so he can hardly move his right hand.  He has actually been taking pain pills for it.

I made cinnamon rolls today, the best ones I have ever made.  Back in the old days, when I worked in an office, my secretary’s mil would bring in cinnamon rolls a few times a year.  She made the bestest ones ever.  No chewing was involved, they just melted in your mouth.  Mmm.  These were not as good, but they were not far from it.  Annita had lots of practice making cinnamon rolls, she used to make them on Fridays for the livestock market.  Those lucky guys.  Now she is making them for Jesus, I know she is because they were heavenly!  A friend of GD’s asked me to make him some, so I will send a few along to him tomorrow morning.  I just need to exercise some self control and not eat them all tonight.  Maybe I just need to make them more often. 

Looks like I wasted an opportunity, here I have been typing for the last hour and the baby just woke up.  Now the kitchen is still a huge mess.  Another late night.

A conversation from Friday.

GD:  I had a bad day.

WF:  I did too.

GD:  My salesman showed up still smelling like alcohol.  I almost sent him home.

WF:  I ran a blue crayon through the dryer.

GD:  I don’t think he was still drunk, so I sent him on his route.

WF:  I think I can get it out if I use WD40 and dish soap.

GD:  He sure didn’t smell very professional

WF:  You have blue polkadots on your underwear.