A friend of mine jokingly told me that she chose her children’s names by how they sounded when she scolded with them. You know, used their first and middle names to let them know they were in trouble. Looking back, my mother never did that with us. She chose names she liked, and used them with love. I don’t believe I ever remember mom calling me by my first and middle names harshly. I work hard to do treat my kids that way as well. If I am fixing to yell at a kid, I just use the first name, never their middle name.

Of course I have nicknames for each child, Mae I call Bun Bun. Tonight I was trying to get her attention, and called her “BUN”. She said, “Mama, I don’t like it when you say Bun hard. I like it when you say it soft.” Oops.

Mae has never told me she hates me. She is five. Jane has been telling me she hates me for months now (only when she is angry). I haven’t let it get to me, usually I tell her that I will always love her, no matter what. Yesterday I did make a deal about it, because it isn’t going away. I told her it was mean to say that, and every time she said that word, it made it harder to take it back. Today she said, with her teeth clenched, “I love you, but only a little bit.” Eh, I can live with that.

Hey, speaking of forgiveness, Bozo the drunk was at it again this weekend. He is making the rounds. This time he roamed farther from home than in past weekends. He spent Sunday night in the York jail. So, to recap…Bozo has had four DUIs over the past six weekends, in three different counties. He is also charged with both felony and intentional child abuse on two weekends, one of which overlapped a DUI charge. This makes five appearances in the police record over six weeks (actually it isn’t the police record, the reporters are writing page three articles about him). It appears that he closes down the bar then drives off, as none of the arrests are before one A.M. I am still amazed that they haven’t impounded his car. I can only assume that the weekend before last, when he wasn’t caught, it wasn’t because he wasn’t drinking. He has one more weekend before his March 3 hearing. I just hope he doesn’t kill anyone.