Growing up, my brother and I made wardrobe rules for ourselves. The biggest rule, never wear cowboy boots with t-shirts. He still doesn’t. He lives in Korea so I don’t see him often, but when I do, he always looks nice, wearing a long sleeved western shirt and his boots. He is not a candidate for skin cancer.

My brother would not be impressed with my children. Grandma got everyone cowboy boots for Christmas, including Paul. They have been a huge hit. Leo wears his with his sweat pants and everything else he can. They look nice with his jeans and his corduroys, but sweats? He is very proud to have boots like Daddy. Jane’s are red, and an older style, kind of pointy, she gets lots of comments. She wears them with her navy velour dress, her chambray skirt, her pink and green striped pants, her night “gallon,” and they are usually on the wrong feet.  Mae has a black pair, they went to church under her satin and velveteen red dress last weekend.

I work hard at being a laid back mother, and believe me it is not easy. I usually let my kids wear what they want, regardless of taste. I insist on pants when it is really cold, otherwise, it is pretty much up to them. Often when I go grocery shopping I pretend to not know my own children, which is exceptionally difficult when they are riding in my cart.

Someday they will probably make pointless wardrobe rules too, but for the time being it makes for some interesting combos.

Now it is time for our genetics lesson. White is predominant. We did not know this, not having many white cattle. The bull that bred our heifers was Charolais, so he was whitish in color. So far we have five calves from him. Four heifers were black and one was grayish. Four of the calves are white, and the fifth one is red with a white face. We wonder if he is from the neighbor’s other bull… GD has pointed out that these white calves will probably bring more than the Longhorn calves would have anyway. He is now contemplating buying this bull for a heifer bull…GD does a lot of idle thinking out loud. I have learned to ignore most of it through the years. So we have seven heifers left, I am still hoping for a Longhorn.

We got a book called Pinkalicious.  It has my favorite new line in it…”I cried because I was so beautiful.”  It is a really clever book if you have a little girl.