Mud, mud, glorious mud! Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.

Grandpa Daddy got stuck three times in less than 24 hours this weekend. Nobody ever got stuck doing something smart. You are trying to cut a corner, save some time, show off, having a brain fart, who knows, but always something stupid. I have been stuck lots of times, I know. Saturday was a pleasant day to get stuck, but Sunday was lousy. Some background. Where we live was under the Platte River many many years ago. We have deep soil, which is very fertile. Two weeks of the year it is soft and beautiful for planting a garden, and if you are lucky those two weeks happen in early May. Otherwise our dirt is either very hard or mud. Our mud is messy, think really thick frosting. Right now the snow is melting, and the frost is still in the ground, about 10 inches down, so the water has nowhere to drain (remember platte means “flat” in French, or so I am told). The moisture just sits in the soil until it can go down. The good news is that GD can’t get stuck any deeper than 10 inches.

Yesterday he got stuck in our alfalfa field, showing it to a friend (seriously, who wants to view an alfalfa field in March?) He managed to pull himself out with another pickup.

Background again. Lest you think we live on a well proportioned spread similar to the South Fork Ranch, we don’t, we live on an acreage. It is ten acres, the narrow end to the road. The house sits against the road and to one side of the middle. Our yard is on the narrow side of that. The other side is the lawn, the garden and our pasture, or as we call it now, mud. More background, country people have lawns and yards. Lawns have grass, yards have gravel or dirt or weeds. Yards are spaces between buildings and driving areas. Half of our yard has crushed concrete spread on it and half is, well, mud. I expect before the end of March, it will also be crushed concrete or gravel. Sunday morning, it wasn’t so much stupid, as impossible to avoid. He had to pull the big stock trailer from the corral to the road, through the yard. Empty, the trailer pulled fine, loaded full of cows it was a little heavy. In my Sunday finery, I stepped out of the house to the red pickup, which GD had already chained to his stuck white pickup, drove forward 6 feet and went back into the house. Pretty slick.

Later that morning he decided to drive the red pickup across our pasture to hook onto the shorter horse trailer, for fuel efficiency or pulling ease or some reason that seemed sound at the time, but not leaving well enough alone. The pickup sank on the way in, but not very badly so he went ahead and hooked onto the short trailer. Then he got stuck. Right away. He was facing south, the road was about 100 yards away, out his passenger side window. GD toyed with the idea of using the tractor, but gave up when it started sinking on the approach to the pasture from the road. He then called his buddy who loaned him enough chains to add up to about 100 yards. After he and Rube Goldberg got the two pickups chained together, GD called me. I was to drive the white pickup up the approach and onto the road, turning left as I drove, making sure the chains didn’t take out the corner post, and the front axel stayed under the red pickup, and also that I didn’t get stuck. Suffice to say, that which doesn’t break your marriage makes it stronger. We did get it out. Things were simpler when we only had one trailer. 

The photo shows our lawn.  GD did some sewer work in November.  I can’t wait to let the kids outside to play this summer.  lol  The background shows the chicken house, and the pole barn, where the heifer had her calf an hour ago.  We have piles of dirt to contend with come spring, and the mud that goes with it.


Now to change the subject. I am on heifer watch tonight, and we had our first Longhorn. Unfortunately he is solid black, or at least he looked that way in the dark. Mama was cleaning him upand he was shivering. It is only 22 degrees out, poor little fella. GD said we have five more to go. I have my fingers crossed for a pretty one.

I cleaned out the fish tank today and discovered a fourth baby fish. I didn’t have the heart to wash him down the drain. I am gonna have to start leaving them anonymously at neighbors’ houses, like zucchini in August. Frankly, I have really enjoyed the fish, but we have too many for the tank, or we will when they start growing.

Sunday I implemented my Love and Logic theory, and took the ladies to church in their pantyhose. They were too busy playing a game of “lobster-snap” to put on shoes, and I was tired of telling them. The parking lot was cold gravel, but they survived, and managed to put on shoes today when asked. Hopefully we won’t get shunned for improper church attire.

Well, I can end now, I was waiting for a photo to upload on my tin-can-string internet connection.