GI man with four DUIs convicted of one

That was the headline, but it was somewhat misleading.  He just was tried for the first one.  He got 14 days and $400 and no car for six months.   daddy-of-the-year  He was also tried for leaving his daughter alone.  he-did-it-again  The woman they now refer to as his “then girlfriend” changed her story, making it sound like he had just stepped out to get her car or something, so they will revisit this again later.  Why would you call the cops if your boyfriend had just stepped out to get the car?  They upped his bond in the child abuse cases and the other local DUI.  He failed to appear for the first incident of DUI in another county.  He is scheduled to appear toward the end of the month for the DUI with the kid in the car.  I guess the streets are safe now, for a couple of weeks.