This is the weirdest time of year to read the paper. The local newspaper is full of news about birds and horses. We have massive amounts of sand hills cranes that migrate through each year at this time, so people from all over come to see them. I won’t pass judgment, I can’t tell birds apart, but it must be exciting for those who can. I can tell grass and wildflower species apart, and can identify butterflies and bugs pretty well, but you don’t often come across a collection of pressed birds like you do plants and insects (well bugs are technically pinned – but they are stationary). I guess they discontinued that sometime after Mr. JJ Audubon did his paintings.

Speaking of birds, I can recognize a few. I sat watching a Bald Eagle for about five minutes last week. He wasn’t having any luck looking for lunch. He was up there just soaring and swooping over the crick. They are majestic creatures.

On to horses. We have a race track here, so the sports section is full of articles like “Sweetime First a surprise feature winner” or my favorite, “Ogaraul Stakes highlight Saturday card at Fonner”. I live here and I don’t even understand that! I am not much of a gambler. I only make it about once every other year, and then I take about $20 and spread it out on long shots. When I win, it will be big. The ladies have been asking to go, so maybe if tomorrow isn’t too cold we will blow a 20.

The ladies want to take Prairie Horse out to Fonner Park to race. They have a childlike faith that our 20 year-old overweight mare will be able to shine amongst the fillies. She does need a good currying and some miles put on her. I pretty much have to hire a sitter when I go to do anything with her, because even though she is really tame, you can’t fault her for getting nervous with three kids bouncing all over the place. That doesn’t even count the one who can’t bounce.

I did something yesterday for the first time that most everyone my age and older has done. I got the finale of MASH on Netflix and watched it. I was grounded for some reason when it aired, and I wasn’t allowed to watch it. Mom tried to tape it, but it didn’t work. It made me cry, but I am glad I watched it.

We moved my niece in today. Ann found a lovely apartment, with a cute guy across the hall, and a view of the pool from her living room. I am gonna get her binoculars for her housewarming gift…I am so excited to have more family in town.