My house is such a mess right now.  I stick to the kitchen floor when I walk across it.   The kids are tracking in the first dirt of the season.  Leo doesn’t understand to close the screen door after himself, so the cats are tracking themselves in.  I run the dishwasher two times a day, and still can’t keep up.  The Dr said I can feed Paul real food now.  Great.  More dishes to wash.  (he’s such a big boy!)

Mt. Laundry is perched on my couch, and I am giving the kids skiing lessons on the bunny slope.  Mae is starting to catch on, we use the coffee table for a mogel.  I did manage to sort off the socks and undies today, as well as fold some sheets.  Paul has been needy all afternoon and evening.  He wants to be held, so here I am with him face down across my lap.  He cries when I put him down.  His new hobby is spitting up homemade cottage cheese on my floor.  Did I mention my floor is sticky?

The kids wanted to have a sleep over tonight.  I got out their sleeping bags and put them in the boys’ room.  Leo is using Janine’s old Barbie bag in his crib.  If anyone wonders what he might like for his birthday… Jane eventually got mad and went to her room and Mae is parked in front of Paul’s crib.  I guess that is fine, since it doesn’t look like he’ll be sleeping in it anyway.  I was an evil mom today and didn’t let the kids nap so Sayed and I could have our Thursday night date while the kids went to bed early.  How about that ending?  Grandpa Daddy said, “now I’m LOST!”

I overheard someone promising to buy their kid a fish at preschool today.  I jumped all over that and offered to bring one.  Now I only have three babies to get rid of.  Then I need to have the fish spayed or neutered.  Wonder which is cheaper, or more feasible.  Wonder which one is the daddy?  I still am not clear as to what happened.  The parents are spending an inordinate amount of time under the filter, where I think all of the nasty business takes place… but they don’t look a thing alike!  How can this be?  I guess I should have taken more genetics or maybe fishery classes in college, but who knew that it would come in handy?

Speaking of wildlife, Mae found where the snakes are coming into our house, or rather the crawl space.  She wanted to know if she could pick one up, I said, sure why not?  She didn’t get up the nerve.  She also wanted to kill one.  I suggested that she not do that, since outdoor snakes are good, but indoor snakes are bad.  My stepdad has graciously offered to help fix the problem next week.  I hope he doesn’t need any help, from what I saw, our whole basement could be a snake condo.

I spent the afternoon picking up sticks and branches from our 2006 ice storm.  You see it broke off the branches, but they got stuck in the trees, and now blow down from time to time.  I looked at each stick carefully to make sure it wasn’t a wiggly stick.  Eeew.

Off to bed, I hope.