I learned a lot on the internet last night.  Mollies, what I have, give live birth.  Hence the cloud things are not eggs, but are probably not a good sign.  I asked my questions, including the cloud one, to experts.com.  Haven’t heard from the guy yet, am waiting on pins and needles. 

Jane took two fish to Show and Tell, we gave them to Mae’s classmate.  The mama said the clouds were probably something that would become a disease, like popeye or ich.  Great.  I am waiting to hear from my expert about what to use since Shad, or what ever I called him last night, the fish guy from PJ store, has lost my trust in this matter. 

Live bearers actually get pretty close to each other to copulate, kinda spoon style I guess you could say  My lilypads are a good thing, especially for the babies to hide in and feed on.  Mamas are famous for eating their children.  I believe it was Wikipedia that said they just consider them food.  They will give birth about every 35-45 days. 

I also learned that I don’t obsess about my fish nearly as much as some people obsess about their fish.  Most of the people were wanting their fish to breed for God’s sake!  What on Earth do they do with them?  It is not like they are big enough to eat.  I have my fingers crossed that the clouds are a result of me accidentally overfeeding the fish.  I don’t really want to mess with fish diseases.

It’s bed time.