I managed to make it to the library alone yesterday.  I was so hungry for books, I found five for myself in about as many minutes.  I have a huge master list of books to read, and all of them were on it.  I spent some time on the catalog, and it looks like I need to ask them to get some on interlibrary loan. I managed to find five for the kids too.  To my surprise, I didn’t owe anything on Cry, the Beloved Country.  They must have goofed up.  Coincidentally, Smithsonian has a large article about South Africa this month.  I never knew much about it, except when I was in high school, the late 80s, I knew they were going through all kinds of changes. 

Today I finished Freakonomics.  Wow.  Back in the olden days, when I had a paying job, ha ha ha, I worked with a guy who loved to debate.  We went around an around, it was great.  I kinda miss him.  I emailed him at work today to tell him to read this book.  We could have argued for a year on it!  If you have not read it, I found it very thought provoking.

Four to go now.  I think I will go for fiction.  I think I got a fiction book…I kind of go in phases.  I don’t think of myself as a non-fiction reader, but about a third or so of what I read is non-fiction, maybe more.  I looked longingly at some Gabaldon stuff, her shorter stuff, like 4-500 pages, but it was on the two week checkout, and I don’t dare.

I went on Jane’s field trip to the G g grocery store yesterday.  It was a nice tour.  I could never teach pre-school, but Mrs. Z is awesome.  Today Miss C, from the educational service unit, came out for a “play date” with Jane to evaluate her.  Mae was distressed that nobody wanted to play with her on the playdate.  Miss C asked me if Leo was a neighbor’s kid I was watching.  Jane did many of the things that have concerned me, so I guess we shall see.  I expect she is just “weird” as her daddy lovingly calls her, but I want to know for sure.  The tests from the Dr came back negative for lead and iron issues.  I doubt they tested for glyphosate, but the way she mouths everything – including the rocks she picks up in the McDonald’s parking lot – that may be a concern.  I was glad to note that our off brand trains didn’t have lead paint.