From the Wednesday March 26 paper.

If you need a refresher, drinking-buddy should help you get up to date.

“A Grand Island man facing multiple charges of driving under the influence failed to appear in Hall County Court Tuesday morning because he was in jail in York County – for failing to appear at a hearing there.”

His lawyer said, “I don’t know where he is…I think another county has him.”

According to the paper, he first failed to appear in Hamilton County, and they arrested him March 17. York County arrested him March 19, in what I believe was kind of an extradition. It seems last week he finished his 14 days in the Hall County Plaza Hotel, then was extradited to Hamilton then York Counties. Due to some multi-county oversights, he had hearings in two counties on the same day. Now that he can’t drive, it seems he is having problems making it to all of his commitments. Somebody get that man a day planner and a taxi!