I am so exhilarated! I just got off the phone with Suzie Lechtenberg from Weekend America, an American Public Media production. I sent in a short essay a few weeks ago, and they liked it. Suzie interviewed me about what spring means to me. She said it would air sometime this month, she’d email me the date. I guess the interview went well, I have never been interviewed before. It was nerve racking if nothing else. If you are a listener, you will have to keep your ear peeled to see if you recognize me! If you are not a listener, public radio has wonderful things to offer, you should listen. And yes, Mom, we can get a podcast of it, we just need to find someone with an ipod! ha ha  Now if only I had Carl Kasell’s voice on my answering machine!

Grandpa Daddy is taking tomorrow off. I have MOPS in the morning and I am hoping we can spend the afternoon working on erecting the swingset Santa brought us. GD is probably hoping he can get a corral put up at the west place so he can work cattle next month.