My husband just learned how to forward me email. Now I have the latest on fuel economy, and how I can lower fuel prices by not buying fuel on Friday. Let me know if you need any of this information, or if you need Conservative or male chauvinist propaganda. I had trained my friends not to forward these things, and now they are coming from my husband. AAARRRRGGGH!

I guess the good part of this is I have a great way to communicate with him. I replied to the analogy of the husband taking the wife shopping then not letting her buy anything (so he could make a point about their love life) to tell him about a pair of shoes I found this weekend. They were not on sale. My feet grew after kid number two, and almost none of my church shoes fit. These were awesome shoes, black pumps, with a classic toe and two inch heel. I am tall enough without buying shoes that make me four inches taller and wobble when I walk. I need these shoes. Seriously, I have no other black pumps, it is not like I want a pair of red and white polka dot pumps I will wear only with one outfit.