I am taking a little vacation out to where I grew up. We left on Friday and I think we’ll go home on Weds. I stopped at the library to get a book on CD. I have five hours with four kids, a CD book is necessary. I have a hard time picking one out, because what I feel okay reading may not be appropriate for my kids to listen to. I finally chose a Picoult. Of course it ended up being about infanticide. They get to watch a movie, so hopefully they won’t be too scarred. I also made sure to check out a couple of books, including a Gabaldon, one of her shorter books from her Lord John series. About 900 pages. I am not sure why I always bring a book home, Mom was a librarian, she always has something interesting lying around. This time it was a book called Couldn’t Keep it to Myself. It was written by women prisoners, and it was quite an eye-opener. Prior to committing their crimes, these eleven women were nearly all sexually abused, and many were physically abused as well. They didn’t do a good job overcoming what happened in their youth. They were quite open and frank, they didn’t have any poor me poor me, they had accepted their circumstances and were trying to heal.

My grandma is turning 90 on Weds. By the middle of August, all of my grandparents will be 90 on up. Grandma used to do word searches, so I googled and found a site where you could make your own. armoredpenguin I typed in all kinds of family names and things she liked to do, her pets, and places they liked to vacation. It was pretty cool. A good gift for someone who needs nothing, and really doesn’t want anything either. She kind of has a shuffle thing she does when she walks. She doesn’t lift her right leg anymore. It is kind of hard to watch, she gets around fine, just really slowly. Grandpa vacuums for her.

The site I found also makes crossword puzzles. I plan to make one for my step dad, he is a crossword bum. I plan to use his definitions of squallop and snurp as clues. I have mom in on this too, so it should be fun. They want you to give them a whole bunch of clues so they can use as many as possible. I will need help.

We went to Dad’s today. He didn’t tell us he was branding this weekend until we got here, so I didn’t pack any of my icky jeans, so I didn’t help wrestle calves. The kids enjoyed themselves. Leo especially. It was kind of weird, I only recognized three people there. This is the community I grew up in, but most everyone has moved away and sold to someone else. John, Bill, Randy, Art, Kent, Bill and the list goes on, I guess some of them died too. The new neighbors don’t neighbor I guess. One of the new neighbors is the Nature Conservancy. I have only seen Dad’s hired man a handful of times, but he had quite a crew of relatives and friends to help out. Here we do it the old fashioned way with a rope and a horse and wrestlers. I took a couple of shots. Those of you who looked at the Weekendamerica site will recognize my wrestling partner of 1994. This is the front of his head. He has moved on to younger wrestling partners I guess!

I guess I am the last one who needs to shower off the dirt, so I better hit the hay. The kids didn’t get much of a nap, so they should sleep well. I sure hope Paul sleeps too, he has been better, but last night he wanted company.

Ah, I didn’t bring my cables to connect the camera to the computer, I will ammend this later, and add photos.