We left Jane with Grandma and Papa in Western Nebraska against Mae’s better judgement.  They were going to drop her off at noon today as they were going to a Habitat for Humanity meeting in KC.  They started off early, and chose a route after watching the weather channel.  There was a skiff of new snow on the ground.  It was not supposed to snow to the south.  Fifty miles and two hours down the road, they had to stop.  The road was too bad.  They kept thinking that it would break up or they would drive out of it.  It didn’t and they didn’t.  So they were in a town of maybe a few hundred, and everything is closed.  They couldn’t go back.  They chose a house to knock at, and they were welcomed.  The man was a minister and they had three kids, the eight-year-old wanted a little sister to play Barbies with.  I suppose most anyone would have welcomed them in this out of the way burg, but these people had quite a bit in common with my folks.  Mom called, and they left for home around 4:30.  It took them an hour and a half, but they made it. 

We have an empty spot here at home.  It seems a little quieter.  Nobody has touched the dress-up clothes since last Thursday.  It takes a lot less time to get out of the house in the morning…The storm is here now, we have had snow, but it is too warm to stick.  Now it is just windy.  I love to go to sleep to the wind (when I am in a warm house).  The wind nearly always dies down at night here.  Tonight will be a cozy one indeed.

Tomorrow Grandpa Daddy wants to brand the neighbor’s cattle and then ours the next day.  He wants me to help, so I pawned the kids off on the neighbor.  I think she was relieved that one was missing, it takes a lot out of a person, keeping track of four kids, and she is not young.  I am hoping to get a shot of a longhorn calf.  Our bull didn’t get to our heifers first, but we have a couple longhorn cows that had calves.