“Always look at the bright side of life.” I believe the great philosopher, Monty Python said that, and he was right.

My mom loves me. She loves me so much she got me a box of fancy chocolates from Whole Foods, so they are definitely healthy. I got them home to find out they had melted into one ugly but tasty piece of chocolate. I wasn’t planning to share them anyway. I guess when you take out all of those poly-unsaturatedhydrogenatedcarbohighfructosecornsyrupfats, you remove some of the stability as well. So now when I want some chocolate, I take it out of the fridge and gnaw on it. Then I lick my fingers. I wasn’t planning to share it anyway.

Today GD looked out our kitchen window at what was a cute row of tulips last year.  This year only four came up and only three bloomed.  He commented disparagingly about how our use of salt to keep our walk safe in the winter had killed the flowers.  I pointed out that Mae had just today complimented me on the pretty flowers.  He saw what wasn’t there, and she saw what was.  (in his defense, she probably doesn’t remember what it looked like last year)