It literally took two hours to upload these darn pictures.  Ridiculous! Then of course, I realized that I had just downloaded the photos from my camera then uploaded them here, without switching them to right side up.  I guess if you really care, you can twist your head.  I don’t wanna tie up my phone line any longer, so here they are.  My apologies.

DSC00386Now that mud season is in full swing, I am wanting to fix my mudroom. It is broken. The shelf next to the laundry tub has eggs to be washed, tub toys, baby shampoo, vaccine guns and a calf drencher. If you don’t know what that is, just imagine what it might take to force feed a 100-900 lb animal. Not only an incongruous mixture, but unsafe as well.  

The kids can’t hang their coats up, so they end up on the floor alongside the bag of cat food and the bag of calf manna (formula). Muddy boots reproduce in the dark corners of the room, and left handed gloves weep for their worn out and tossed mates. Four coats (a jacket, a warm school coat, an older coat for helping Dad and an extra odd jacket) per person, let’s see, 4X6=24 plus throw in a couple extra chore coats and three pairs of coveralls plus snow pants for everyone. Yeah, we are easily looking at a minimum of 35 articles of clothing. Obviously we don’t need the snow pants or heavy coats now, but if I stow them somewhere, I will spend two weeks trying to figure out what I did with them while my family freezes this fall. DSC00387

The whole shoe situation is a mess. We have shoes all over the place, and no good place to put them. GD won’t toss any of his. He even has a pair of homing boots. I have tossed them three times and they keep ending up back in the mudroom. He doesn’t wear them, but he can’t get rid of them. I just counted 28 pairs plus four half pairs of shoes in there. What are we the Marcos family? Personally I like to keep a couple of old pairs of tennies around so when I need to wade out in the corral, I don’t have to ruin my newer ones, but 28 pairs seems excessive. To do a little math, 28 divided by five is over five pairs a person (Paul is currently shoeless). I try to keep some off season stuff in the trunk, but it just isn’t handy for shoes, they make a mess or we forget them, and it isn’t vented.

I am unable to change the cap situation, GD has to wear a nice one to work, because he is a manager and all, but he can’t bring himself to toss one that still has wear in it, so we have, let me count them, 25, which have some sort of tire insignia on them, seven of which are official “company” hats. Then there are the “dress” caps, which don’t have the store insignia on them, but are advertising something else, like Caterpillar or (*gasp*) the Huskers. I also counted seven caps which fall into the miscelaneous category, neither tire nor nice.  I think I heard somewhere that if you wash caps, guys will no longer wear them, they loose their patina or something. Might be I could try that, but it is like a vacuum, more will come home from work and we will be at square one.DSC00385 I told him of my plans to do some serious arranging and mentioned the vaccine guns etc.  He suggested keeping them in the top cupboards of our pantry.  I pointed out that I have had a 13 gallon bag of caps he was previously unable to part with stored up there for the past 8 years.  He had the good grace to look sheepish.  We probably could put the calf stuff there but it is maybe a little too out of the way, I have lost stuff in those cupboards before!

The only thing I like about the room is the wall of cupboards. I keep boxes (*blush*) in the left side one, (in my defense, it is too small for our vacuum, but I put the broom in there once and couldn’t figure out what I had done with it for a month, we won’t discuss that further) home canned and pantry stuff go behind the middle two doors then my tools and paint and so on in the right side. Actually I like the laundry tub and the toilet you can get to without walking on the carpet as well. DSC00389

 The room has two doors, one leads from the garage via the laundry room, to the left of the potty (if you are sitting on it, the right if you are facing it ) and another which comes off the hallway to our kitchen/dining room by the sink.  You see this is what happens when you don’t have an experienced contractor help you with your addition plans. You have a maze of small weird rooms which don’t have the space to properly achieve their stated purpose.

I need serious help. I plan to get a cupboard to hang high behind the door (or maybe in the laundry room) for the vaccine guns, and some sort of hook things for the kids’ coats. I also have a bag of dance stuff I would like to put in here as well. I can’t hide many of the coats behind doors because frankly they need to be aired out. Probably I need to commission a cabinet for next to the sink, 2X2X3 with two deep drawers on glider things. Otherwise I am at a loss. Money is definitely an object, but so is my sanity at this point. If anyone has advice or experience in organizing mudrooms (aside from contacting Extreme Makeover, Home Edition) I would be glad to listen.

DSC00388We came home from vacation once to find our “friends” had made this to hang off the mirror of the work pickup. We had asked them to keep an eye on the livestock, and apparently they had a little too much time on their hands. It is so heavy it pulled the mirror off the windshield, but it gives our mudroom a nice cedar smell…

I went mattress shopping and found a bench/coat rack piece I am considering. We could put the current season’s school coats and backpacks on the hooks, but the down side is this piece will have to be in our dining room/kitchen. Would you want something like that in your dining room for actual use and not just for the looks?  If I get it, I would junk a fairly unattractive piece which collects a lot of dust in that corner.  It is not a formal room, obviously, just a big table with junk piled on one end and a sticky laminate floor with a dusty old ceiling fan above.