I had the ladies help me clean the playhouse this afternoon, in lieu of a nap.  They had fun, and we got all the leaves and desiccated worms swept out.  Then I gave them a basin of warm water with a squirt of Palmolive in it and told them to wash their dishes.  They use them in the sandbox too, so they get plenty dirty.  They had a blast.  Some day I will post a shot of our playhouse, I don’t have the patience to do it today.

I got GD a plum tree for our 11th anniversary this year.  We used to have the world’s ugliest plum tree living in our yard and I complained for 9 years before he removed it.  So I replaced it, in another location.  We planted the tree yesterday, and I measured our grass.  Some of it is literally knee high.  Not very much, but we need to get the mowing deck on the lawn tractor.

This week is full of the last day of pre-school and two dance rehearsals and a recital.  We went to my stepdaughter Janine’s graduation this past Saturday.  She was lovely, and eleventh in her class!  I hope she comes to the ladies’ recital, we asked her to.  Now that school is out, she has fewer excuses.  She is planning to go to school for dental hygenistry.  They may not call it that at her school.  You couldn’t pay me to stick my hand in someone else’s mouth, that is gross, but I am glad people want to do it. 

We hung out at her house and played some drum/guitar game on the Xbox, or something, which confirmed my sneaking suspicion that I am not musical.  The band members (on the screen) actually walked off the stage at one point in disgust for my drumming skills.  We got to see the grandbaby, Kay, and took our first family photo since 2004 which included all of the kids.  Kay and Paul really hit it off, so did Leo and Janine’s other half brother, Tyler.  Tyler is three, but he was really happy to have another little boy to play with.  I guess if we ran in the same circle as GD’s ex-wife, the could be friends, but then that would be a little too weird for me.

They were having a hog roast, but we didn’t stay that late.  We took the kids to eat at Ole’s in Paxton.  Jane is in love with her Zebra and her Sad Baby, the polar bear.  Ole was a big game hunter, and he has a full mount of a polar bear. And then on the walls they have displayed probably a thousand mounts, including a zebra, an elephant, and a giraffe, which we ate underneath.  They also had some more typical mounts like a jackalope and a buffalo and deer and moose and elk and well, you get the picture.  The food is pretty good, but the ambiance is great.  It is right along the interstate if you ever are traveling through.  I better get the dishes done.