1. My brother
  2. Exploring the canyon and hills behind our house
  3. My 66 Ford pickup
  4. Sour cherry pies
  5. Running the swather and eating sunflower seeds
  6. 4H
  7. Playing house (I found out that it is more fun in theory than in practice)
  8. Skinny dipping in the crick
  9. The smell of sagebrush
  10. Playing A Team in the barn loft

I still find plenty of time to play with my kids, but they don’t get the hang of A Team for some reason.

Here is Mae’s list of things she likes about being a kid at age 5

  1. Playing Barbies
  2. Playing on our swingset
  3. Playing with her sister
  4. Going to church
  5. Watching kid tv in the morning with Dad
  6. Special treats, like pop
  7. Birthdays
  8. Talking to Grandma on the phone
  9. Coloring