Speaking of tornadoes, they postponed showing the Lost season finale because the weather guy was busy on Thursday. They showed it Sat at 12:30 pm, and I missed taping it.  Mom said she taped it…I  hope she wasn’t lying.   I went birthday shopping Thursday, (follow me here) and found a Barbie doll sized action figure of Sawyer with a raft. I looked and looked, but they didn’t have one of Sayed. Drat. I might have bought it, although I don’t know how I would have explained it to GD. I guess I could have hid it somewhere… I also found some cool semis that go on our train tracks. Leo is forever wanting me to hook up his semis. I think he will be able to hook these up himself, they have larger connecting points. He will be two at the end of the month.

The TV is on for background noise while Jane is taking her nap. Our choices are baseball, info-mercial or car show. I think I just heard a guy say that when he got his Ferrari, he got all kinds of new friends. Hmm. I bet I could get new friends too if I won the lottery. I could have misheard, I am busy making tractors and formula 1 cars with play dough. Imagine Leo’s disappointment to find that they don’t drive. I’m a little bummed myself.

When everyone wakes up we are going to a friend’s place.  They live on a sand pit lake, so we are suiting up and slathering.  GD is supposed to be helping move the dock then we’ll grill out.  Before kids, we used to do lots of things with these friends, but we don’t get together nearly often enough anymore.  I wonder where my suit is, I have been pregnant since 2002, with the exception of summer ’05.  I am sure it won’t be pretty.