I discovered quite by accident that the YMCA has wireless available.  I would have known this earlier, but apparently I don’t exercise anymore.  Now I have a great excuse to visit the Y.  They also provide up to two hours of child care while I am there.  Here is my plan.  Get everyone ready for swim lessons early.  Pack them into the Y, drop them off and upload photos in the lobby, then get the ladies and take them to their lessons.  Whoo hoo! I took a bazillion photos in the last 48 hours, so brace yourselves.  I could possibly do the internet thing instead of watching the lessons, but I have a friend whose daughter has lessons at the same time, and I don’t get to see her often enough.  I am so psyched.  Does anyone say that any more?  Between Pike and Waterbabies, we will be at the Y three evenings a week for the next month.