We went to the basement this time. No tornado damage that we know of, but we got two inches of rain. Again. Our basement sprung a leak, and water was pouring in between the lowest showing blocks. There was a little waterfall, sounded like someone taking a long, refreshing, beer leak. The rain stopped for a couple of hours, but has started again. I think instead of chickens we should look into getting ducks.  The springRain storm-01 The river on its way to the sump pumpRain storm-04 The gentlemenRain storm-08  And Jane. Rain storm-09

 Service Soil Survey I have on my shelf.  When you look up the soil type it flat out says if you dig a basement here, it will get wet and possibly even cave in due to the soil structure.  They guy who built our home didn’t read that part, so he dug a basement in a dry year.  Then the groundwater came up in the spring and he finally decided to fill the thing with sand.  It has tiny 1960s windows and a cinderblock wall bisecting the area lengthwise.  The heifers and Prairie-horseRain storm-14 behind the chicken houseRain storm-21 and the garden.Rain storm-13

This water was runoff from the field across the road, two inches.  These days home builders in the area first dig a pond, then use that dirt to build a mound on which to perch their home.  They can have half basements that way, and a food source if they stock the pond. lol Personally I would worry about my kids drowning in the pond, but drowning is a possibility here too!  Three separate storms came through Weds night, totalling 3.5 inches of rain.  I remember people talking about the flood in North Dakota years ago, and describing it as pouring a gallon of milk on a table.  All this water is on its way to a slough which is typically dry 9 months a year.  Just down the road I saw cattle in a lot belly deep in water on its way to a creek which is usually dry 9 months a year.  People are making jokes about cubits.  Looks like it will rain again in the next few days.