Okay, I know lots of people have worse problems with water than we do right now, nobody’s house is washing away, people aren’t drowning.  However, the infrastructure of a town, population 40, near our church, is completely shot, the streets and sewers are gone.  The Red Cross came with porta potties for residents to use.  The people who had their corral so full of water the cattle were belly deep have actually moved.  They don’t plan to return.  Some friends’ house is high and dry, but the roads are flooded out in all directions, so they are staying with neighbobrs.  The flooding is occurring maybe10 miles from the nearest river with year round water.  This is not a river flooding, it is actually rain water draining from a big town 30 miles away.  The town has installed flood projects to keep their tax payers dry by shunting their water out of town.  (This is a little tongue in cheek, as residents are also having problems, but not on this scale.) I hope our downstream county plans to charge them for bridge repair.  As a matter of fact, every time I cross a bridge, I say a prayer “Please, God let this one be safe”.    Mom asked me if our place was still flooded, and the answer is no.  Water floods our yard, then drains off within a few hours into a slough.  Then the slough floods other people’s yards.  Sorry folks.  I decided we did choose the lowest place in the lawn to install the swingset, and it has been muddy for three weeks now.

June 5-24I think if this farmer had the time, he could teach surfing to rats.

June 5-25  They sand bagged our church Saturday, and a good thing too.  This is not really what one would call running water, it is mostly just a lake, the water has nowhere to go.  They did cut out the road to the north so water would drain a little.  The water was supposed to crest about the time the photo was taken, but severe storms are predicted for tonight.  My only hope is that the carpet is ruined, so we can replace it with something that is not solid Navy blue and shows every sneeze.  Elegant but not practical for a public building.