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We feasted on mulberries and walked by the crick (which covered the entire pasture two weeks ago).  Did you know it is much easier to get a natural shot of the ladies when you tell them to turn their back to you?  Look for more of those in the future, and don’t tell anyone I let Leo out in just his diaper and his Tony Lamas!  He has “Off” on too, you just can’t see it.

I wanted to return some of the hospitality we have been offered over the past few years, so I planned a party for June 28.  I invited a couple of friends and they couldn’t come, but they had a suggestion, have it Friday, as in this Friday.  So I am having a party to celebrate the fact that I sprayed our lawn for mosquitoes.  I hated to do it because I will kill all the lightning bugs too, the spraying will kill them not the party.  I have invited a boatload of people, we’ll saddle Prairie horse and give rides, we’ll clean the playhouse (again), we’ll play horseshoes, croquet and that new game which involves PVC pipe and two balls with a string.  I will make a beef brisket, iced tea and maybe ice cream.  Everyone else can bring something and it will be fun.  Feel free to come if you are in the neighborhood, but don’t expect to hear from me in the next few days.