Time for reflection. I happened upon Xanga, through the suggestion of a friend, June 21 last year. It is exactly what I needed. I can write, read, and make friends without all the silliness. Not that silly is bad, but Xanga is a little more mature than say, Facebook, where in my very limited experience you can get virtual treats to feed someone’s virtual dog. Since I am running on circa 1995 technology, fewer graphics and moving ads are a huge bonus.

I am kind of isolated, and so I find myself relying more and more on my Xangamates, as I mentally call y’all. I tell my real life friends things that I have heard from you, and then I wonder if I should get a real life myself! I would probably feel less weird to just refer to you as friends and not feel I have to explain myself, but then to do so by the name I know you by would be a little weird too.

I have been thinking about what I know of my Xangamates, and you are an interesting mix. I would like to throw a party and invite you, we could sit shivering in the dark watching fireflies, drinking wine and eating cheese. I did just that tonight, and it was really nice.

I have 20 subscribers and 16 subscriptions, a small but distinguished group. Several of my subscribers aren’t active Xanga users. Of my 16 subscriptions, 13 subscribe to me as well. Of the other thee, one is a very philosophical blog, from a woman who has interests far different from mine, but she writes about them in a charming manner. Another is a woman who is very different from me in some ways, but with whom I have a lot in common in other ways. The third one is brand new, but I know I like her already, she posted wildflower pictures on her blog, and she knew what they were!

I don’t want to get so many Xangamates that I can’t keep them straight. That would go against my reason for liking Xanga in the first place. I am not in the running for highest number of friends.

This information is from my memory, it may not be right, but I like to do things the hard way, and besides who has cheat sheets on their friends?


  • Texas = 1
  • Northwest or west coast = 5
  • Between Rockies and Mississippi River (I hate the word ‘Midwest’) 8 This includes my cousin who lives on the western slope in CO.
  • South East = 2

Religion: – seems to be a big thing on Xanga, most everyone has spoken of it from time to time, so I will include it.

  • Probably Baptist = 1 (as opposed to say, Southern Baptist)
  • Mormon = 2
  • Lutheran = 1
  • Mennonite = 1 I think
  • Mentioned God = 5

Know personally:

  • 3 (including my mother)


  • Male = 2
  • Female = 14


  • All of you (except newest one)
  • Two grandparents

Number of kids:

  • Four = 4
  • Three = 1
  • Two = 5
  • One = 1
  • Not sure = 4

Have been pregnant since I met you: 4


  • stay at home
  • work part time
  • lawyer
  • teacher
  • USDA or USDI
  • retired
  • three appear to be gainfully employed, but at what I know not


  • Two, maybe three

Overtly political:

  • One, and not even my politics

Blog style:

  • Philosophy = 4
  • Daily life = 10
  • Mixture = 2

Rant occasionally: 8

Additional thoughts:

  • I enjoy knowing you.
  • If you have asked for prayers, you can bet you have gotten them, maybe even when you haven’t asked.
  • I like to read you blowing off steam. Everyone needs to do that from time to time.  S’okay.
  • I have two tubs full of beer and pop and wine iced down right now sitting on the deck. I have some homemade ice cream in the freezer next to some awesome brisket. Stop by sometime and I will break it all out for you! Just don’t comment on the state of my kitchen floor. (but a friend wouldn’t)