I didn’t realize I was going to enjoy having boys so much. Of course I am a girl, and I am familiar with the equipment and have personal insight to the peccadilloes of the feminine mind. I had prejudices.

  • Little girl clothes were cute with flowers
  • Little girls pee sitting down
  • Little boy clothes had men wearing tight costumes and capes
  • Little boys pee outside whenever possible

I wanted my first to be a girl and she was, then I thought my second was a boy but we got Jane instead. A treasure, but a girl. By this time I was pretty good at diapering a girl, and we already had the wardrobe. I was good with the girl thing.

Two and a half years later along came Leo, and he will be two tomorrow. Leo has taught me much about boys. Not all boy clothes have men in tight costumes on them, and lots of them are really cute too but in a manly way, you know dinosaurs and construction equipment, Lightning McQueen. While the ladies are interested in typical boy toys, they always end up playing dress up and dolls. Leo will play house (he likes to push his tractor around in the stroller) with the ladies, but he prefers his tractors and trucks and trains. His new word this week is Farmer, as in “bye bye farmer.” Since it is cultivating and fertilizing season, we hear that a lot these days. When he sees construction equipment he gets so excited he cannot contain himself. He literally jumps up and down in his carseat when we go past a loader or a scraper. We stopped to watch some workers pour concrete on the highway through town, and he was literally hopping with glee. Then one of the guys came over and it was Daddy’s friend! Oh joy!  See Larry standing by the cement truck?


He makes these cute little “ppppbbbbb” noises with most anything that has wheels and lots of things that he pretends have wheels, like blocks or fish sticks. According to my grandma my Dad’s vehicles went “plow, plow, plow” My Stepdad remembers his going “book’em book’em.” (That is what those old tractors sounded like.) I am loving this ride, the Legos all over the place, having a kid who sleeps with a tractor. It will be fun to do it all over again with Paul.

Happy birthday little guy. You came out sunny side up, and you still spread cheer everywhere you go.

In other news:

Our neighbor Clair was drinking coffee at a convenience store last winter when a woman drove her car through the window and on into the building. Had he been sitting at the other side of the table he would have died. As is was he was injured and spent a couple weeks recovering. Now my neighbor’s wife says the woman’s insurance refuses to pay Clair’s medical bills. The neighbors asked for the cost of treatment and a couple thousand extra for medicine and the inconvenience of being driven over, and it was inconvenient because he was in the middle of building a shed and his injuries slowed him down.

The driver is upset that her insurance won’t step up and pay. I can’t see how they could justify not paying, I mean seriously she drove her car over the table where he was sitting. My neighbors are disgusted at having to sue the insurance company because they don’t really want to spend the time to go to court and get a lawyer but they have to, or eat the medical bills. She said they took pictures of Clair’s injuries so they have some evidence. I suppose the insurance company is hoping that they will not follow through with a lawsuit. Do you think the insurance company has any grounds here?