The best baby gift I received.  It retails at around $150.  I love it, I can stick the baby carrier in there sideways and haul another kid, or I can pile two or three into it and pull it around a fair.  Last week I had it out in a public prairie and also the mall.  It fits perfectly in the back part of our van, it has ridden in buses, pickups and the front seat of my Ford Escort.  It has been to Husker Harvest Days, the top of Scottsbluff National Monument, and up and down our road countless times.  The kids love it, Leo is just getting to the age where he likes to pull things behind himself. 

I like to sleep in the dark so I pulled the fuse out of our mercury vapor light, just for the summer.  The other night, the weather man was predicting a possibility of hail.  It was really windy so I took him seriously.  The motion light on the side of our house did not come on and of course the yard light was off when I went out to get the pickup.  I felt my way to the pickup, climbed in and started backing up.  I heard a scraping noise (you know where this is going don’t you?).  I got out and looked but didn’t see anything, it was pitch black under the pickup, but I could see the trikes so I assumed it was the free bike with only one training wheel we got after someone else ran over it.  I knew the wagon was safe, I had just that day removed it from the back of the van and had left it in the garage.  I just kept backing up, feeling annoyed that they left that darn bike out.  The next morning GD invited me to see the carnage.  This is what a $150 wagon looks like after being backed over by a one ton Ford pickup.  It was an illfated match from the beginning.  DSC00594

You see the dilemma.  Love and Logic would say the natural consequence is “your bad, so sad, maybe next time you will remember to put your toys away.”  This was a two-year-old though.  I am the primary user and the primary looser too, since I will have to wield a stroller at these places now, and our stroller was not designed for gravel travel.  I just bought a mattress and a dishwasher this month,  and I dread shelling out for a new wagon too.  My solution:  Take $25 out of each kid’s savings account and then chip in the extra $50.  My kids will have to get scholarships for college as I am sure that extra $25 will put them far behind their peers.

Mom, if you are reading this from another country, just a quick note, my Time mag stopped coming a couple weeks ago, maybe three.  I am not sure if I miss it, they used to put news in it but lately…like you said, it is giving People Mag some competition.  Be sure to do a waltz when you are in Vienna.  I miss you.  Tell Fred hello, and Bernd and Frau Bernd.

I was gonna fill out my “currently” while I am waiting the last 12 minutes for this photo to upload, but I can’t figgure out what I am reading.  I have maybe four or five books started, lingering and languishing on my night stand, one about the Mayflower, a PD James (it is taking a lot of thought and I am not sure I have that kind of energy to devote at this time), a vampire book which I need to do some background on before I precede, and a Newberry Medal book about a girl whose family runs a funeral home and a handful of others collecting dust and waiting hopefully.  Well the photo loaded.  Nighty night.