This weekend our neighbors invited us to their family reunion. Cool huh? They had a cream can dinner. I had heard of them, but had never been to one. They took a new cream can, like what farmers used in the 1950s, and filled it with corn on the cob, carrots, chunks of potatoes, two kinds of squash chunked and still on the rind, bratwurst and cabbage. They added some liquid, maybe beer? Then they cooked it on the top of one of those turkey fryers. It was wonderful. I need to find out what the liquid was.

This week and the next I have the ladies enrolled in morning classes at the local museum. This week is Tipi Preschool and next week they learn about pioneer and Victorian life on the prairie. Maybe the gentlemen and I will go find some flowers to photograph, and visit the museum.

I got my new dishwasher installed. GD had me pick it up Friday and by Saturday evening I was cleaning out the fridge and putting gross leftover dishes in it. We got a low end expensive dishwasher. It is above the Kenmore we had and still comfortably under the $1100 models on display. I love it. It got dried deviled egg stuff off of my dishes! I will be completely impressed if it gets egg yolk. Must. fry. eggs.