I am running scared.  This whole George Bush legalizing wiretapping thing has me as nervous as a career politician in a room full of anarchists.  Somebody from Virginia, and you know who you are, has viewed my website 8 times, about every hour and a half, since midnight last night.  This has been going on for weeks and weeks.  Pray tell have I written something that will compromise national security?  Is it my party affiliation?  Is it a internet version of a robo-caller?  Is it because I blocked RonPaul08?  Am I so interesting they must check on me several times a day?  I don’t read my blog several times a day – and I love to read my writing!  Why not subscribe and get over it?  You know, when I worked for the USDA I had security clearance of the most elementary kind, is someone afraid I will reveal Ted Turner’s Nebraska address? Where certain endangered plants can be found?  How to get your land enrolled in the CPR haha inside joke(CRP)?  I hate to think of not looking at my footprints anymore…it used to be fun to speculate what the person from Australia was after but now, I don’t know.  I was really tempted to put the Anarchist’s Cookbook on my Currently, but decided against it.  Maybe just putting it here will redlist me.