Ten dollars says that is the headline on one of the three local daily papers tomorrow.  After the tornado went through Kearney a month or so ago, I saw a photo on the news showing the drive-in theater screen with a few panels missing.  I thought “Uh oh.”  Yep, they tore it down today.  I very rarely go to the movies, and driving an hour to do it was not very convenient.  I had only been to this theater once.  I am not sure I ever went to another drive-in, but I always wanted to.  Nebraska still has two operational drive-in theaters.  One of the theaters is kinda close to where I grew up (an hour away ) so I will have to take the kids one of these days before that one gets torn down too.  They never even gave the town a chance to raise money to help fix the screen.  Do you have drive-in movie memories?  (Hat I am sure you do but I’m not sure I want to hear them!)  Do you have a drive-in near by?  Do you go?