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If I know you personally and your name is Amy read this, otherwise it isn’t gonna make much sense.  I am really tired, the dial up is exceedingly slow and I am too lazy to go over to my email.  Go to my Xanga site and look at my subscriptions on the left side and click on Ordinarybutloud.  She wrote about my experience at Whole Foods (well sort of) I remembered fondly the cheese section at Ft Collins Whole Foods.  It made me think of you, that and the fact that our local grocery started smoking ribs (how do they keep them lit?).  I bought some and they were wonderful, it has been over a year since I had ribs anywhere that good.  By the way, how old does your husband like his cheese aged, was it 6 weeks rather than 4 or something like that?

Surprising facts


Our dishwasher is supposed to use $26 of electrictiy per year with typical operation.  They assume typical use is four times a week. ???  I may have used it that many times in a day, I definately use it once a day, twice is not uncommon at all, and neither is three.

We got a new TV for the kitchen.  The old one had a built in VCR which was broken (and didn’t have any place to hook up a DVD player).  I like to watch my Netflix movies while cleaning up the kitchen after everyone is in bed.  I figgured with the digital thing coming that we should just replace it.  When I hooked it up, I had it search for channels, and we get three more channels, the original Prairie Package:  ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS(NET) and now NETD1, NETD2 and NETD3!  Whoo Hoo!  They are all digital PBS, but hey, no commercials so I am cool with that.  Now we can watch Clifford in digital clarity.  NETD2 is nature and history, NETD3 is guys with lots of tattoos cooking. 

I wandered out to the living room where our other TV is, and tried to see why it didn’t pick up these bonus channels.  I ended up calling Toshiba, the VCR/DVD people and it was the best over the phone tech help I have ever received.  He told me how to fix that and also made operating the TV much easier.  I was really really pleased with the time I had to wait (maybe 30 secs after punching in about 11 choices) as well as the guy knowing exactly what I needed to know.  That TV also picks up two more channels from Kansas or maybe Lincoln (ABC) I believe.  That brings us up to 10 channels on that TV.  It is almost like cable, except three of the new channels are the same stations we already got.

Our little Buddy calf is now a pre-teen.  GD brought over a couple more cows, so he has turned from completly tame to a baby with an attitude (peer pressure and all that).  He is still nice, but no longer sweet.  I guess it had to happen sometime.  GD had me feed him this week, he is trying to get him to use a bucket so it will be less work for us.  Cattle don’t have top teeth, so the approved method is to put your fingers in the calf’s mouth, get him sucking then dip your hand into a pail of milk, and he slurps the milk while sucking your fingers.  I need to plan a perfect crime, because he has sucked the fingerprints off of my right hand! 

I better go load the dishwasher for the third time today.  It has been crammed full each time too.  According to my calculations, if we average twice a day, we are looking at an energy cost of over $91 a year.  And I thought I would never do another math story problem!  The spell check didn’t work on Xanga, hope this isn’t too bad.

Update on GD’s employee


For those of you who may care, (what a day dad had) the particular employee had been released to work by worker’s comp months and months ago.   They paid for surgery and time off, then they told him to go back to work.  He didn’t, and now he wants to come back.  The higher-ups told GD that he can just tell this guy he can’t take him back now.  He had a chance to come back, he chose not to, and since he can only lift 25 lbs, they really can’t use him.  Now GD just has to tell him this with tact and decorum, not two of his stronger qualities.  It is a relief that he won’t be coming back to keep everyone on eggshells.

If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be of? Why?


I don’t plan to get a tattoo, and I can’t imagine what circumstances would require my having to do so, but I would have to say I secretly want a tattoo of my brand, (my initials intertwined). It would have to be on my left butt cheek because according to the state I may use my brand on the left shoulder, rib and hip of the animal, and I couldn’t possibly put it where Grandma would see it.  My husband managed to accidentally brand his left tricep, but I guess that would be another featured question…”If you had to get a brand…”

Not so flat after all

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We went to the Henry Doorly zoo this weekend.  I am a more than a little proud that such a facility is located in our fair state.  Anyone who tells you Nebraska is flat has never been to the zoo.  We literally got on an elevator with five kids and our wagon at level 1.  We punched level 3 and walked out at ground level.  The hills are almost treacherous.  I can’t imagine someone with a wheelchair could even see much, it is difficult enough with a stroller.  As it was, we left some skid marks when I was going down a hill pulling Paul in the wagon.  It nearly ran me over!

What a day Dad had


My husband manages a tire store, they work mostly with truckers and big tires.  Many months ago, maybe 18, an employee hurt himself and sued for worker’s comp.  GD claims it was bogus, and his company’s insurance does too.  Who knows with back injuries, it is pretty hard to tell.  The case got drug out for a long time, he came back with permission for light labor, his back got injured again, he was off again for another long time.  While he was out, he decided that my husband was discriminating against him because of his race.  WHOA!  My husband has too many faults to list here, but he is not racist.  This guy is the only employee we have ever trick-or-treated (with our kids obviously).  We attended his daughter’s quinceanos party, we sent his wife flowers when she was in the hospital for a brain aneurism (and he took about a month off work).  We liked this guy.  A lot. 

He is here on a political asylum visa from Columbia.  He is about 50 though, and doesn’t speak English well enough to communicate with the truckers (unfortunately very few truckers around here speak Spanish as a first language, Polish and Russian are common though.)  Personally I think his biggest problem is that he is kinda old for this type of manual labor and he wants to change jobs, but with his limited English he can’t.  The discrimination suit was thrown out by a judge several months ago.  Today the man and his daughter came in with a permission slip from a doctor that he can do light labor.  (according to other workers, he has been shingling on the side, so changing tires should be a snap)  GD is a little leery.  He is hoping his company will insist on a physical before he starts.  He is also hoping he will fail a physical.  GD really was blindsided by the racism charge and holds a lot of resentment for that accusation.  Anything untoward could be seen as retaliation, and GD is not good at hiding his feelings.  Keep him in  your prayers.

A little hair of the horse


Kindergarten seems to be going well.  Today we learned that the bus driver’s name is “Mr. Horse Hair” or maybe Horse Hare or maybe Horace Heir.  I am unsure, but will not call him by name until I get more information.  I remember when I worked in Pavillion, Wyoming (get out your map, it is between Casper and Yellowstone) a little boy introduced us to his new friend, Nozzle.  I still can’t think what his name really could have been.  I remember meeting twins once, Hector and Saidcure.  Later Mom told us it was Sergio.  Something got lost in translation.

The principal has been riding the bus these first two days.  He is a hands on kind of principal.  He waved at GD when he dropped Mae at the stop.  GD needs to get out and meet him Monday I guess.

This weekend we have a baby shower for my niece Marie.  She is due in about a month.  Because she lives in California, they kind of requested that people buy gifts from Walmart, because the store here will ship them to the CA store.  I got her a subscription for “Wondertime” instead.  I love that magazine.  The shower is in Omaha, so we are going to spend tomorrow night with Cousin Billy in Lincoln then go to Omaha for the shower and try to hit the zoo too.  Billy’s mama is 8 months pregnant, and I have four kids so it won’t be a long visit.  I hope the admission for most everyone is free.  I bought enough snacks to feed a platoon of four-year-olds, so we won’t have to buy their expensive junk food, we have our own thank you.

We ended up with an extra baby calf.  He was born at a sale barn.  His mama was on her way to the feedlot, and there was no place for a baby so the trucker stuck him in a unused corner of the trailer and hauled him from SD to here.  GD called and actually asked if we should take him.  I said if the other guy won’t, *sigh* I guess we can.  He is the sweetest baby calf I have ever known.  Kinda makes me wish he was a heifer so we could keep him.  Usually you have to teach babies how to suck a bottle, and spend all kinds of time getting head butted and stepped on while convincing them to drink up.  This little guy is as friendly as could be, and he will stand there and suck the bottle until the sides cave in.  I am not sure he has been full since he got here.  I know he is lonely.  I plan to play with him a little tomorrow morning before we head out.  If he had been born at a different time of the year Mae could show him at the fair.  GD bought a new bag of calf manna.  The old bag is older than Mae, and has spent most of its career in the freezer.  Milk replacer mixes up a lot better when it is fresh.  Smells a little better too.

I named him Buddy.  When I was a kid, our hired man always named the first bucket calf Buddy, then when a second one came along, he was Timmy.  Either we didn’t have any heifers or it is a good thing Keith didn’t have any girl children of his own because that was what they got named regardless of their sex.  Dad had bucket calves from time to time when a mother cow would die, and we had to feed the babies by hand.  Nobody was dropping off sale barn babies at our house.


Kindergarten tomorrow!


Mae, my five-year-old, is off to Kindergarten tomorrow. I am sad to admit I am really looking forward to it. She has been snarky to me and mean to her siblings. She lied several times this weekend, blaming things which she did on her cousins. These things include swatting her brother with a flyswatter (something I have never done to her) and purposely excluding a cousin who came to play with her. She was around her cousins who are allowed to be more, shall we say “spirited” than she is. I called a family meeting before we got to Grandma’s to discuss the fact that our family’s behavior standards remain the same as they have been, even if we see our cousins doing things we are not allowed to do.

I got our routine back in place this week; supper between 5:30 and 6:00, a little play time, pickup time then bath, reading and bed by 8:00. I chose 8:00 because that is when my tv shows come on (that and the simple fact they need to be in bed anyway). The school bus will be at the stop by 7:15, leaving for school by 7:35.

I am not a morning person, although I had college roommates who felt otherwise. I always scheduled 8:00 classes. They felt this was way too early to learn. I guess Mae’s school starts at 8:00. I know my kids need a breakfast, something better than pop tarts, their favorite meal of all time, although I did get some Barbie pop tarts for tomorrow. Today I made banana muffins from scratch and some smoothies to put in the freezer. I also tried to make mini breakfast pizzas for later.

My morning usually starts with GD bringing me Paul who is starving to death and can only be fed my me. GD likes to eat breakfast, but doesn’t make anything other than coffee. I am not the kind of person who can cook pancakes and bacon before 7:15 in the morning on any kind of regular basis. I just can’t, so hopefully I can keep enough re-heatable things around to sustain life.


Overheard at the Wildflower home.

GD: Don’t those gymnasts have knee and bone problems later in life? That has to be hard on their bodies.

WFSP: I don’t know any old gymnasts.

GD: So how come they worry about smoking and drinking being hard on your body, but this is okay?

WFSP: If they made athletics illegal that would rule out football, and that isn’t gonna happen in Nebraska.

The View


The view from behind the Wildflower pew at church.  I know, don’t quit my day job.  Sometimes it just seems like everyone is moving and rustling around and it is all I can do to keep them semi contained.  They aren’t really fighting, just constantly in motion.  I always sit in the same spot so people can avoid me if they want to hear what is going on.  I know I sure don’t hear what is going on!



What would you do if you were faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy?


Ahem.  That would be Jane and Paul.  They were unplanned, not unwanted.



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