I haven’t felt much like writing on my blog lately and I miss it.  I guess I did put out a newsletter this week for MOPS.  This year’s theme is Adventure, and the logo is a carnival.  I remembered a book I read, which mentioned the first Ferris Wheel, which was truly amazing so I included a little article about that… 

DID YOU KNOW?  George Ferris invented the Ferris Wheel for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition (World’s Fair) in Chicago. It was built to rival Paris’s Eiffel Tower which was unveiled at the 1889 Paris Exhibition.

This Ferris Wheel was 26 stories tall (260 feet) and held 2,160 people at a time. For fifty cents you could get a 20 minute ride, once around non-stop and a second rotation when they let people on and off.

I will have to look up other carnival rides to see if any of them are as interesting.   If you haven’t read The Devil in the White City, you should.  I sort of gave part of it away, but it won’t ruin the book for you.

We had a play date yesterday and then we went to a museum today with another mom.  They showed a movie about dinosaurs.  I did a little cramming last night with Mae, we read three dinosaur books.  She informed everyone in the theater that T.Rex was a meat eater, as well as other sundry facts.  She felt pretty smart having some touchstones going into the experience.  I am so glad I taught my daughter how to cram before she got to Kindergarten.  I just need to remember not to teach her to stay up all night drinking coffee and studying, until at least highschool.  Paul crawled up and down our row in the theater and ate the popcorn off the floor.  It was our popcorn, and the floor was excepionally clean (when we got there). 

GD is going to be gone on business for three days next week, then we go to his mother’s for the weekend.  I am supposed to take care of his cows.  His main issue is a calf who needs attention.  Mostly I need to make sure he eats.  He isn’t doing well, he has pinkeye and he can’t see.  Also need to check water.  Wow this is becoming more and more stimulating as I go on. 

Okay, my plan this weekend is to think of something interesting to write about on my blog.  I guess the most noteworthy thing in the paper today was two front page articles.  We just got a new jail, it opened in the middle of last month.  The headlines were…”Jail Director receives $10,000 raise” and then at the bottom of the page, “Software glitch causes jail doors to open and close”.  Hmm.  I think the layout people have quite the sense of humor, or maybe they were making a point.