We went to the waterpark today with my niece, Ann.  It takes three adults to watch four little kids at the waterpark.  If we wanted to try it with two adults, we would have to leave Paul at home with a sitter.  Mae went down the waterslides in her bikini, and Jane played on the little kid slide in her zucchini (that makes a pretty word picture doesn’t it?).  She was offended when the lifeguard tried to give her a push down the slide like he was doing with the “little” kids.  Leo wore a path to the little waterslide and proved to us that he is not scared of water, and in fact has no sense about it.  Paul sat and played in the little squirter that comes up from the pool floor.  It was fun, then we went to a Chinese restaurant for supper.  A guy across the room smiled at us and then when he left, he told us he had purchased our meal, and to pay it forward.  Cool huh?  Now I need to figgure out what to do for someone else.

Last night we listened as a herd of elephants walked across the kitchen floor to our room at 5 a.m.  After some reconnaissance, Leo decided to return to his room for his dump truck.  He then pushed this across the kitchen floor and parked it by the playpen in our bedroom.  Then he climbed into bed with us.  It is fun to watch my little boy and wonder what thought process is building in his little mind.  I let him sleep with his dump truck, semis and what ever other construction machinery he might need in the middle of the night.  He is really good about going to bed when it is time, so I figgure he can play a little if he wants.  Do you know anyone else with a security dump truck?  We are talking a nice sized metal dump truck.  He just got a big boy bed (20 year old mattress on the floor) and he is having a hard time having no boundaries in the middle of the night.

I watched three movies lately while folding clothes.  Saw, I knew who the bad guy was because I have seen Lost.  It left me thinking that one horror movie every ten years is about right.  I will assume the guy got loose in Saw 2.  I doubt I ever find out on my own.  27 Dresses, cute and Juno.  This movie deserved all the publicity it got, the actress was awesome, it is like Napoleon Dynamite but much better (story, lines, music, etc).  It made me cry.  I think back to the teen movies we had, 16 Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… I guess that wasn’t like my highschool experience.  I wasn’t pregnant in highschool, but I could relate better.   I plan to watch Juno again before I return it, maybe twice.

GD leaves early tomorrow today for his meeting.  The kids always try to slip a little something into the suitcase to remind Dad of his children…This time Jane contributed a pair of her shoes, Leo added a matchbox car and Mae put in a stuffed ant with some insecticide advertising on the abdomen.  The very best addition was a few years ago.  I packed him his long johns.  He is always cold, so I thought they might come in handy while golfing in Minnesota in August.  He didn’t wear them, but his roomate had lots of ammunition to tease him with, and that is really what it is all about.

I think my minivan is gonna turn into a pumpkin, so better end this.