Yesterday we made a grocery run. I ran into a friend of ours who happens to be the manager of the store. When we first met him he was working for my husband, changing truck tires for a living. He quit because he wanted to move up and he didn’t see any chance of that at the tire store. Eight years later he is managing a grocery store.  He wouldn’t be managing the tire store, so he made a good decision. He always says hi to us when we see him.

I bought maybe $70 of groceries then went home to take care of that calf who needs supervision and feed my kids. I got home after 6, our supper time is around 5:30 or I have to hobble around the kitchen with a toddler wrapped around my leg. Time is of the essence when feeding my family. I quickly put away the perishables. I could see them through my string bags. It looked like everything was together for a refreshing change, I had one of the better baggers help me out. After supper I bathed four kids, read to everyone (including mama) and cleaned up the kitchen counter. I left the rest of the groceries for later and opted to sweep the floor instead.

Today I was making smoothies with some apricots which had been smushed to a pulp. I am not sure if I am to blame about the apricots or the grocery store. I sorted through the fridge for the yogurt I bought yesterday. I found the spoiled yogurt and a yogurt container with some questionable frosting, but not my new yogurt. My heart dropped. I found the canvas grocery bag on the counter and sure enough, under the bananas, the canned tomato sauce and two cans of soup was…my yogurt and my feta cheese. I hit the ceiling. It is 90 degrees and my cold items are scattered across three bags. I called and asked for Pablo. I did this thinking that if I was talking to someone I liked, I could state my point without being abusive. I hope it worked.

Pablo was not impressed with my bananas and canned goods being together either. He listened and said that he would speak to the checker who helped bag my groceries as well as the bagger manager. I have had horrible luck with the baggers this summer; seasoned adult baggers, checkers bagging things, teens, it isn’t just one demographic. I have looked them in the eye and clearly stated, “please put the cold things all together.” When I got home, guess what? I find bananas on the bread and two cold items in each bag. Granted, I like the store and I really haven’t had bad luck in the past, it just started this summer, but it is frustrating.

Pablo said he would make good on the yogurt and cheese, but we can’t have smoothies tomorrow morning because I can’t go in to just get yogurt tonight. My niece said she makes smoothies the night before and freezes them. I am all about making breakfast the night before when ever possible. Frozen, I could even pass them off as popsicles!

I brainstormed some ideas on how to make my grocery experience better, but didn’t come up with much.

1. I could bag my own groceries while the bagger keeps track of my kids

I decided to be pro-active. I got index cards, a hole punch, a marker and some key rings, then made tags for some of my bags. Produce, Cold items… Wow. I am really not a control freak, ask my mom.  I am not am I Mom?  Am I?  Does this qualify as OCD?

Oh, I saw a joke in my Reader’s Digest from a few months ago. “I have CDO, it is like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order, like they should be.” I was just organizing my digital photos and lamenting that the months are not in alphabetical order. Dad suggested using numbers, but I get tired of counting on my fingers to see what month it is.