Mae, my five-year-old, is off to Kindergarten tomorrow. I am sad to admit I am really looking forward to it. She has been snarky to me and mean to her siblings. She lied several times this weekend, blaming things which she did on her cousins. These things include swatting her brother with a flyswatter (something I have never done to her) and purposely excluding a cousin who came to play with her. She was around her cousins who are allowed to be more, shall we say “spirited” than she is. I called a family meeting before we got to Grandma’s to discuss the fact that our family’s behavior standards remain the same as they have been, even if we see our cousins doing things we are not allowed to do.

I got our routine back in place this week; supper between 5:30 and 6:00, a little play time, pickup time then bath, reading and bed by 8:00. I chose 8:00 because that is when my tv shows come on (that and the simple fact they need to be in bed anyway). The school bus will be at the stop by 7:15, leaving for school by 7:35.

I am not a morning person, although I had college roommates who felt otherwise. I always scheduled 8:00 classes. They felt this was way too early to learn. I guess Mae’s school starts at 8:00. I know my kids need a breakfast, something better than pop tarts, their favorite meal of all time, although I did get some Barbie pop tarts for tomorrow. Today I made banana muffins from scratch and some smoothies to put in the freezer. I also tried to make mini breakfast pizzas for later.

My morning usually starts with GD bringing me Paul who is starving to death and can only be fed my me. GD likes to eat breakfast, but doesn’t make anything other than coffee. I am not the kind of person who can cook pancakes and bacon before 7:15 in the morning on any kind of regular basis. I just can’t, so hopefully I can keep enough re-heatable things around to sustain life.


Overheard at the Wildflower home.

GD: Don’t those gymnasts have knee and bone problems later in life? That has to be hard on their bodies.

WFSP: I don’t know any old gymnasts.

GD: So how come they worry about smoking and drinking being hard on your body, but this is okay?

WFSP: If they made athletics illegal that would rule out football, and that isn’t gonna happen in Nebraska.