Kindergarten seems to be going well.  Today we learned that the bus driver’s name is “Mr. Horse Hair” or maybe Horse Hare or maybe Horace Heir.  I am unsure, but will not call him by name until I get more information.  I remember when I worked in Pavillion, Wyoming (get out your map, it is between Casper and Yellowstone) a little boy introduced us to his new friend, Nozzle.  I still can’t think what his name really could have been.  I remember meeting twins once, Hector and Saidcure.  Later Mom told us it was Sergio.  Something got lost in translation.

The principal has been riding the bus these first two days.  He is a hands on kind of principal.  He waved at GD when he dropped Mae at the stop.  GD needs to get out and meet him Monday I guess.

This weekend we have a baby shower for my niece Marie.  She is due in about a month.  Because she lives in California, they kind of requested that people buy gifts from Walmart, because the store here will ship them to the CA store.  I got her a subscription for “Wondertime” instead.  I love that magazine.  The shower is in Omaha, so we are going to spend tomorrow night with Cousin Billy in Lincoln then go to Omaha for the shower and try to hit the zoo too.  Billy’s mama is 8 months pregnant, and I have four kids so it won’t be a long visit.  I hope the admission for most everyone is free.  I bought enough snacks to feed a platoon of four-year-olds, so we won’t have to buy their expensive junk food, we have our own thank you.

We ended up with an extra baby calf.  He was born at a sale barn.  His mama was on her way to the feedlot, and there was no place for a baby so the trucker stuck him in a unused corner of the trailer and hauled him from SD to here.  GD called and actually asked if we should take him.  I said if the other guy won’t, *sigh* I guess we can.  He is the sweetest baby calf I have ever known.  Kinda makes me wish he was a heifer so we could keep him.  Usually you have to teach babies how to suck a bottle, and spend all kinds of time getting head butted and stepped on while convincing them to drink up.  This little guy is as friendly as could be, and he will stand there and suck the bottle until the sides cave in.  I am not sure he has been full since he got here.  I know he is lonely.  I plan to play with him a little tomorrow morning before we head out.  If he had been born at a different time of the year Mae could show him at the fair.  GD bought a new bag of calf manna.  The old bag is older than Mae, and has spent most of its career in the freezer.  Milk replacer mixes up a lot better when it is fresh.  Smells a little better too.

I named him Buddy.  When I was a kid, our hired man always named the first bucket calf Buddy, then when a second one came along, he was Timmy.  Either we didn’t have any heifers or it is a good thing Keith didn’t have any girl children of his own because that was what they got named regardless of their sex.  Dad had bucket calves from time to time when a mother cow would die, and we had to feed the babies by hand.  Nobody was dropping off sale barn babies at our house.