My husband manages a tire store, they work mostly with truckers and big tires.  Many months ago, maybe 18, an employee hurt himself and sued for worker’s comp.  GD claims it was bogus, and his company’s insurance does too.  Who knows with back injuries, it is pretty hard to tell.  The case got drug out for a long time, he came back with permission for light labor, his back got injured again, he was off again for another long time.  While he was out, he decided that my husband was discriminating against him because of his race.  WHOA!  My husband has too many faults to list here, but he is not racist.  This guy is the only employee we have ever trick-or-treated (with our kids obviously).  We attended his daughter’s quinceanos party, we sent his wife flowers when she was in the hospital for a brain aneurism (and he took about a month off work).  We liked this guy.  A lot. 

He is here on a political asylum visa from Columbia.  He is about 50 though, and doesn’t speak English well enough to communicate with the truckers (unfortunately very few truckers around here speak Spanish as a first language, Polish and Russian are common though.)  Personally I think his biggest problem is that he is kinda old for this type of manual labor and he wants to change jobs, but with his limited English he can’t.  The discrimination suit was thrown out by a judge several months ago.  Today the man and his daughter came in with a permission slip from a doctor that he can do light labor.  (according to other workers, he has been shingling on the side, so changing tires should be a snap)  GD is a little leery.  He is hoping his company will insist on a physical before he starts.  He is also hoping he will fail a physical.  GD really was blindsided by the racism charge and holds a lot of resentment for that accusation.  Anything untoward could be seen as retaliation, and GD is not good at hiding his feelings.  Keep him in  your prayers.