Our dishwasher is supposed to use $26 of electrictiy per year with typical operation.  They assume typical use is four times a week. ???  I may have used it that many times in a day, I definately use it once a day, twice is not uncommon at all, and neither is three.

We got a new TV for the kitchen.  The old one had a built in VCR which was broken (and didn’t have any place to hook up a DVD player).  I like to watch my Netflix movies while cleaning up the kitchen after everyone is in bed.  I figgured with the digital thing coming that we should just replace it.  When I hooked it up, I had it search for channels, and we get three more channels, the original Prairie Package:  ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS(NET) and now NETD1, NETD2 and NETD3!  Whoo Hoo!  They are all digital PBS, but hey, no commercials so I am cool with that.  Now we can watch Clifford in digital clarity.  NETD2 is nature and history, NETD3 is guys with lots of tattoos cooking. 

I wandered out to the living room where our other TV is, and tried to see why it didn’t pick up these bonus channels.  I ended up calling Toshiba, the VCR/DVD people and it was the best over the phone tech help I have ever received.  He told me how to fix that and also made operating the TV much easier.  I was really really pleased with the time I had to wait (maybe 30 secs after punching in about 11 choices) as well as the guy knowing exactly what I needed to know.  That TV also picks up two more channels from Kansas or maybe Lincoln (ABC) I believe.  That brings us up to 10 channels on that TV.  It is almost like cable, except three of the new channels are the same stations we already got.

Our little Buddy calf is now a pre-teen.  GD brought over a couple more cows, so he has turned from completly tame to a baby with an attitude (peer pressure and all that).  He is still nice, but no longer sweet.  I guess it had to happen sometime.  GD had me feed him this week, he is trying to get him to use a bucket so it will be less work for us.  Cattle don’t have top teeth, so the approved method is to put your fingers in the calf’s mouth, get him sucking then dip your hand into a pail of milk, and he slurps the milk while sucking your fingers.  I need to plan a perfect crime, because he has sucked the fingerprints off of my right hand! 

I better go load the dishwasher for the third time today.  It has been crammed full each time too.  According to my calculations, if we average twice a day, we are looking at an energy cost of over $91 a year.  And I thought I would never do another math story problem!  The spell check didn’t work on Xanga, hope this isn’t too bad.