I am not sure what to write about, but I need to write or I am going to loose my abilities, as they were.  So do I write about my life or my opinions?  My opinions are all over the place, but then so is my life and both are probably boring to others.  So we start with my life. 


I spent today in traffic school.  Yes, Wildflower is a leadfoot.  I don’t do it on purpose, but I get distracted thinking about what I need to do and then drive too fast so I can get there and do it.  I got this last ticket the day I forgot to feed the calf when GD was away and I had to drive back five miles to do that (at supper time).  It seems like several other things went wrong that day too, and I just wanted to get home, feed the kids and get them into bed. 


The worst part of my speeding habit is the fact that I live one mile from two 55 mph roads, and those are the ones I drive on the most.  Whoops.  Anywhere else around here I might not even get a warning at the same speed, but those 55 roads get me every time.   I looked to see when my license expires, and we are looking at 2012.  Looking at my photo reminded me that my last two license photos were taken when I was 8 months pregnant, with my first and my last, since both are born around my birthday ish.


Speaking of safe driving, our drinking buddy made the paper again a couple of weeks ago.  He came to trial and was sentenced to maybe 60 days (I don’t remember) for one DUI charge, with credit for the 180 he has already served.  They dropped the child abuse charge for when he was driving around drunk with his baby in the car at two in the morning in the middle of winter.  Now he is waiting for his second trial in Hall county for DUI then I suppose they will haul him off to either Adams or York Counties for his next two trials.  If you are lost, look at my tags at the bottom of my page.  The other blogs will be under drinking buddy.  I seriously hope he used the 180 days in the clink to dry out and gain some perspective as to his worth as a human and how he might deal with things he can’t control in his life.  I also hope he has access to some parenting classes. I dropped off some books because they said the jail library was pretty bare.  I was cleaning house so I took some guy type books (mysteries, westerns, suspense, but no Ann Rule true crime things).  Maybe next time I clean I will look at my shelf of parenting books. 


Pre-school is going well for Jane, after making the front page of the paper on her first day, she has high expectations.  One of her teachers has a Czech name.  She told me the students call her Miss Bartab or Miss Tictac.  Miss Bartak thought that was hilarious.  They aren’t doing it to be mean, they are just trying to learn her name.


I have a whole bunch of plant photos ready to go, but I haven’t written anything about them yet.  Hopefully this week I will post some flower picts.


I am the newsletter editor for our MOPS group, so I have been making nametags and ghost writing articles for the president of our group.  I figure if you don’t make the deadline, you can’t complain about what I sign your name to.  Ha.  Actually she was happy with it (probably not a good thing!).  I also wrote a short article about being left handed.  Both of my daughters are south paws, they take after their step-papa apparently. I think my next filler article will be about baby sign language.  I will interview one of our members who taught it to her daughters.  My last big MOPS project is to make the directory by Oct 1(then I am down to a monthly newsletter – a breeze).  The previous editors used Publisher, which I don’t wanna buy, so I need to figure out how to set up a booklet some other way. Anybody have any hints? 


    Left Behind

Have you ever tried to use your computer mouse with your left hand?  It is impossible.  Somewhere around 10% of the population is left handed.  Children start favoring a particular hand around age three.  Notice which hand your child uses for finger painting, eating and pointing.  Left handed kids go through life not realizing that lots of things aren’t designed for them.  Some common items which are difficult for lefties to use are musical instruments, pencil sharpeners, cameras, notebooks and manual can openers.

   Make sure your child’s teacher understands likely problems a leftie will encounter, for example many lefties find it easier to write in what is called the DeNealian style, a combination of script and print.

    Famous lefties include Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Dorothy Hamill, Matthew Broaderick, Lisa Kudrow, Oprah Winfrey, Michelangelo, and Bart Simpson (?). source Loving Lefties by Jane M. Healey, Ph.D.


Of couse being from Nebraska I always thought trucks had 18 wheels and pickups had 4.  Silly me, I go to do the Xangazon thing and get only one book, and one I have not read!  I chose this particluar book because the dress on the front looked like my SIL’s mother’s wedding dress which is hanging in my mother’s closet.  (long story).  I am not sure how much I liked the book, I read it fast but mostly because it kept having plot twists which took the author deeper and deeper into personal mayhem.  It was okay, not nearly as good as After River.