I am stressing a little bit about my children’s development, and mine too I guess.   Mae is bringing all kinds of stuff home from Kindergarten:

  • Practice “sky writing” numbers with your child.  I don’t.
  • Review the story about the letter person of the week.  Yeah right.
  • Go over the math concepts she learned each day.   I rarely do.  It is so cute, they call math class “math meeting”.  
  • Read your child’s library books with her (and remember to return them on Wednesdays or you get a carefully worded note from Mrs. S.).  I try to.
  • Enclosed please find a list of fun educational activities to do with your child.  Yikes!
  • Book orders from Scholastic.  And add to the 150 some children’s books I already have.
  • Some solicitation about Highlights for Children.  I declined.  We already get four children’s magazines.
  • DON’T READ THIS MOM And now, a computer fund raiser where you “sell” the addresses of unsuspecting relatives to an outfit who will peddle some sort of overpriced items via catalog, probably magazines. They entice your child by giving her the opportunity to win a fabulous Scooby Doo tee shirt and a marvelous robot toy which appears to be inflatable and unlikely to be any good at household chores.  Mom won’t want to do this, I would not even consider sending one to my MIL.  We have received nothing like this from my 10 BIL and SIL’s children.  Who do I ask? I ask.  I have eleven to fill out, and not that many enemies.  Yet. 

Did you ever watch Mystery Science Theater 3000?  “It’s all in the name of education.”


Fewer things come home in Jane’s back pack, but we got a book order and something from the PTO.  My kid is in preschool, and will attend school in another town come kindergarten, do I seriously need to do this?  Can’t I just volunteer a couple of days. 


Jane’s teacher came for a home visit last week.  She had a book of fun activities and encouraged me to find some and she would copy them for me.  I found seven.  They were fun things like making stilts from tin cans or an obstacle course in the living room.


Am I going to do these things with my kids?  Well, I seem to be lacking in basic fun-ness lately, so I hope so. This is how good of a mother I am.  Paul is ten months old.  He has no concept of waving or clapping or pointing.  I don’t play this little piggy with him or patty cake nearly as often as I did with Mae or Jane.  (I do blow on his belly) We haven’t made story time at the library in ages.  He is plenty smart as far as I know, I just don’t play with him like I did with the others.  In my defense, he does pull up and is contemplating walking behind a push walker thingie.  He does not say Mama, I haven’t even tried very hard, although he did say “Uhoh” today.  He can feed himself – you ought to see him with a rib or an ear of corn!


Now that everyone is in school I am hoping to find some sort of routine.  My biggest problem is that every time I turn around I am back at the bus stop.  7:30, 12:00, and 3:30.   It kinda breaks up the day and makes naps darn near impossible. (It will be nice when Paul is no longer a two-a-day napper.) Thank God I chose the school with a bus or I would be driving 18 miles each trip and spending 45 minutes, rather than four miles and 25 minutes each trip. It is not the driving that takes the time, but loading and unloading four children, double checking that all the backpacks are in the car before we leave and then waiting on the bus.  Now do you see why I USED TO speed? 


A side note. Our road dept is still fixing things from our June floods.  Our county is full of streams, creeks, draws and any number of waterways that need bridges, many of which were compromised in the flooding.  The bridge 1 ½ miles south of our house is one of these bridges.  Since we have to take another road to get out, it has added another mile and some inconvenience to our lives.  I have not worried about it until today.  We got over half an inch of rain last night, and the alternate route is nearly impassable because nobody lives on that road, so they don’t gravel it often.  This has come to bite them in the butt, since several people are now forced to travel this non graveled, rarely traveled road.  I use it six times a day to get to the bus stop.


We have our first soccer meeting/practice today at 4.  (I will leave from the bus stop so I won’t have to travel the muddy road an extra time.)  We will have one practice and one game a week. We have dance one night a week.  I hope this is not too much.  Soccer only lasts six weeks in the fall and again in the spring. Unfortunately nobody offers soccer or dance in the summer.  I have passed on this the last two years, and she really wants to try it.  I want to give Mae a chance at sports, I think she’ll be pretty good, her coordination comes from GD’s side of the family, not mine.  I don’t want to over schedule my kids, and I don’t like this three nights a week thing.  I guess I could use the extra time to sort through all the junk, er paper work, from school in their backpacks and play patty cake with Paul.  What on earth do people with multiple kids in multiple activities do?  Probably live in town to start with.


Better go get the spuds and carrots in the crockpot for tonight.  See, I am already planning ahead.