Soccer practice went well.  It was early enough we could make it home by supper time at 5:30.  Games are later.  Coach said Mae was coordinated and handled the ball well.  This was something no coach ever said about me, even to be nice to my mother!


Here is my rationale for what I am doing, you commenters you.  I have done some thinking on this.  I grew up 30 miles from town and 10 miles from the nearest kid.  I just played with my brother since we were too far from town for dance and soccer was not yet invented.  These days I speak to my brother about once a year.  I talk to my grade school chums more often than my brother.  I guess I like him enough, we just aren’t close at all.  I don’t resent how I was raised, I am kinda proud of it.  I remember taking tumbling classes at the Y and also an art class when I was little.  Mostly we spent our spare time exploring the Wildcat Hills behind our house.  Our unspare time we spent haying for dad.  We were outside a lot, we had a lot of outside to be in.


My brother and I had to play grade school sports (volleyball for me, basketball for my bro) because there weren’t enough kids for a team if we didn’t, unfortunately athleticism does not run in our family.  We certainly didn’t add much to our teams, and we both resented having to play.  I was in college the first time I attended a football game. (Yep a Nebraska anomaly) My 9th grade PE teacher gave us a sheet of paper describing football and then tested us on the game.  I failed.  How do you learn a sport from reading a sheet of paper? 


My husband was quite the opposite he wanted to play high school sports and was not allowed to.  He and most of his siblings still resent this greatly.  Sports are a huge priority for him.  It will be a challenge to keep him from living vicariously through his kids. My MIL told my SIL as she watched her granddaughter at a gymnastics meet, “I am glad none of my children had any talents.”  My SIL commented that they were not allowed to have any talents.


I guess I want to hit this somewhere in the middle.  The ladies love the glamour of dancing.  A benefit is the fact that I can grocery shop with the gentlemen while the ladies are in dance and not interfere with nap time, the only time all week I can accomplish that.  (grocery shopping with four kids is actually considered a contact sport, I heard talk about an exhibition game at the Olympics this year, but I didn’t catch it)  I doubt dance will last very long into their school careers.  Who knows about soccer, but I want my kids to have some sports awareness so when they get older they are not completely naive to it all like I was. 


Mae thrives on being around other people, especially in a leadership role.  Jane will never do well in a team sport; she does things her own way, in her own time and usually alone.  I got to watch my two year old, Leo stand on one leg and kick a ball yesterday.  I had no idea he could do that!  I should try it myself sometime…


While it is only two nights a week after supper, I feel it is controllable.  That still leaves 5 nights a week to be kids at home, which is also important to me.  When the gentlemen get older, I guess we will take it from there.


After this year, I think I will send Leo and Paul to pre-school only one year.  (The ladies both went two, but only two or three days a week.  Jane goes four days a week.)  That will save me two years of running around.  I certainly find myself refering to my black appointment book before planning anything these days!