Our community is full of refugees. Many of them work at a meat packing plant. Earlier this week 500 of them walked off the job because they are Muslim and want to pray at sundown through the month of Ramadan. Someone got kicked while trying to pray and someone’s supervisor followed her into the bathroom to prevent her from praying. The packing plant ultimately decided to modify the supper break to coincide with sundown to accommodate Muslims, for this month only. Now the other workers are up in arms at this concession. What do you think? People are saying things like, “You should go back to your own country where you will have plenty of time to pray while your children starve!”

I can’t help but think that if the story were about Christians trying that hard to pray that the community would be proud of their behavior. I can’t think of the last time I heard a story about American Christians trying that hard to pray.  What does freedom of religion mean in America?